Let's throw it back to the pre-Y2K era. It was a simpler time: Britney was free. WiFi was basically Sci-Fi. And social media was but a glimmer in our AIM away messages. Celebrate that retro goodness with this '90s bachelorette party collection and live your sweet, sweet '90s fantasy, baby.

About BACH to the '90s

If you dig through those old family photo albums from the '90s, you're bound to find a picture of one of your relatives rocking a very swaggy fanny pack, and odds are, someone in the photo is wearing a brightly colored bucket hat. Now you can channel that retro aesthetic and throw your bachelorette party all the way BACH to the '90s. We even threw in a clear tote bag for carrying your favorite sparkly hand cream and root-beer-flavored lip gloss. IYKYK. Anyway, we hope you love our '90s throwback collection as much as we do. Now, we'll go back to watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the thousandth time. "