Flower Girl Sash & Dog Wedding Ties Sale

Now you can match the littlest members of your I-Do Crew for less! Keep scrolling to see our discounted Muggsy dog wedding bowties and Elizabeth flower girl sashes.

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About Flower Girl Accessories

If you're planning to have a flower girl (or a whole crew of flower girls) in your wedding, to scatter petals before you walk down the aisle, you're probably also interested in flower girl accessories like our super cute sashes. Many flower girls wear white dresses, and these ribbons come in loads of colors, to complement your wedding style. Why do we have flower girls anyway? The flower girl tradition dates back to Ancient Rome, when young girls would carry bundles of wheat or herbs to wish couples a bountiful marriage. Nowadays, flower girls are often the children of close friends or family — a cute, sentimental addition to a wedding ceremony.