Pool Party Bachelorette

Whether you're picturing yourself floating in a hotel rooftop pool or sunbathing in a lounge chair at a poolhouse in the desert, a pool party is a classic bachelorette party feature. Fortunately, we've got all the essentials to maximize your poolside moments.

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About Our Pool Party Bachelorette Collection

About Our Pool Party Bachelorette Collection Just add SPF and get ready for some serious fun in the sun with our ode to one of summer's greatest activities: chillin' by the pool. Think about it — posting up poolside makes any activity at least a little better. Sipping a margarita? Add in a pool, and now it's a party. Reading a book? Add in a few splashes of chlorinated water, and you're basically on vacation. Throwing a bachelorette party for the ages? You're gonna need that aquatic awesomeness to reach peak bachiness. Picture your bridesmaids in our personalized swimsuits. Go ahead, scroll back up and tell us you don't kinda wanna have one of those macrame bags — at least a little. And with a future that bright, you might wanna grab some sunnies too.