Plus Size Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop online for Birdy Grey's plus size mauve bridesmaid dress collection for under $100 that flatters all body types. Mix and match colors, styles, and fabrics.


About our plus size mauve bridesmaid dresses

Mauve and dusty purple plus size bridesmaid dresses have always been a stylish staple for weddings... and they aren’t going anywhere! It's the perfect pastel that can be styled into any wedding palette, whether your vibes are boho, romantic, or modern. What’s great about mauve is that there are so many variations of the shade which you can use for mix & match. All of these dusty mauve shades are perfect to wear together as it adds texture, dimension and an ombre effect to a bridal party. Whether you’re having a romantic spring wedding or a cozy winter celebration, a long mauve plus size bridesmaid dress (or convertible gown) is truly the ultimate choice. Our mesh dresses are the perfect pick if you are looking for something light and airy for the hotter months, while chiffon in Dark Mauve works great for when the wedding weather is cooler.