Bridal & Bridesmaid Robes

Treat the bride and bridesmaids to super soft bridal robes from floral prints to tassel accents. Birdy Grey has the perfect robe for your big day.

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About our bridal & bridesmaid robes

Silky, satiny smooth, and your bridal squad’s secret weapon for epic slumber parties and celebratory spa days, our bridal and bridesmaid robes make for the most sought-after gifts to both give and receive. The stylish robes come in pretty prints and varying colors and some even have fashionable tassels for a more festive look. But whichever style you choose, all of our bridal and bridesmaids’ robes are super affordable and priced at $29. You can mix and match different fabrics, prints, solid colors, and styles to have something for every beautiful bachelorette in your bridal party, and for the bride, of course, and all robes are conveniently available online.