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Looking for a bridesmaid dress with a little sizzle? We've got your back. Shop our collection of backless bridesmaid dresses, just $99 a pop!


Looking for affordable backless bridesmaid dresses under $100? Get your sexy on with these minimalist, on-trend backless bridesmaid gowns. Our Moni and Jan dresses are made for (bridesmaid) business in the front, party in the back. With effortlessly chic silhouettes that will pop in photos for years to come, you and your best babes will fall in love with our sexy backless dresses. The Moni convertible bridesmaid dress is sleek and modern, with a plunging neckline that’s totally trendy complimented by a minimalist silhouette that will stand the test of time. But the real wow factor is that super sexy low back! Make this dress all your own by styling the back straps however you like, using the loops hidden inside the dress. The daytime-friendly chiffon fabric totally makes this an option for post-wedding wear. Inspired by a scoop neck tank, the Jan backless dress is perfect for your no-fuss bridesmaid. The simple elegance, with just the right amount of sexy, makes it so easy to wear. You might not guess it, but there’s actually a fair amount of bust support thanks to the built in cups-- a total win for a backless gown! The super breathable, stretchy, soft mesh fabric makes it a great option for warmer weather. It’s really just an all around comfy dress!