3 Free Bridesmaid Dress Swatches

Get your first 3 swatches free—because nothing beats seeing and feeling fabrics IRL before committing to a bridesmaid dress.

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About our fabric swatches

Nothing beats seeing swatches IRL before deciding on a bridesmaid dress. A sage green bridesmaid dress on your computer might look different when you finally get the dress in the mail—and while we love a good surprise, this isn't one of them. With our swatch program, you can choose up to 3 swatches for free and any additional swatch is just $2 a pop. Remember that even if you're eyeing one particular color for your wedding, it can vary up to 25% depending on the fabric. A tulle cabernet dress might look a tad different from a chiffon cabernet dress—you get the idea! We encourage all brides to swatch shop as the first step of the process and we've made it super easy for you to do just that.