Bridesmaid Dress Measuring Tips

Found the perfect bridesmaid dress? Great! Now let's make sure that it fits. Here are our top tips for how to measure yourself for a bridesmaid dress.

Before you get started, you'll want to wear something form-fitting to get the most accurate measurements. Also, don't pull the measuring tape too tight around your body. You'll want to give yourself some wiggle room so that you can breathe.

Now, grab some measuring tape and let's get started!

How to measure for a bridesmaid dress by Birdy Grey

There are four metrics to consider when measuring yourself for a bridesmaid dress: your bust, waist, hips and dress length.

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust (usually right above the nipple). Note, this is not your bra size.

Wrap the tape around the small of your waist, usually an inch above your bellybutton.

Wrap around the widest part of your hips.

Your dress length is taken from your shoulder (or top of the neckline, if you're going strapless) down to the hemline.

Once you have these measurements, double-check the size charts located on our products pages to find your best fit. Most of our gowns use the size chart below:


-Most of our gowns run a touch large, so if you float between sizes based on the size chart, you might want to order a size down.

-Always read through the "size & fit" notes on our product details page. We'll tell if you a dress runs small, large or true-to-size. 

-If you're over 5'8", be sure to reference the dress length & model's height on the product details page. Not all of our gowns are made in the same length, so the model's height is a great way to gauge whether a gown will be long enough.

If you're still unsure which size to order, feel free to email us at, and one of our bridal stylists are more than happy to help you out!