There’s no flowery way to say this: COVID-19 sucks! Whether it is being stuck in quarantine, not seeing your loved ones, or having to cancel your wedding, we are all going through it. One thing we can agree on is that our front line workers are totally killing it out there! They are our true heroes by putting in countless hours and sacrificing their own health for the well being of others.
We decided to give back in the best way that we can. We held a giveaway on Instagram asking you to nominate future brides that are working in the healthcare industry who deserve free bridesmaid dresses for their bridal party. We received an overwhelming amount of answers and heartfelt stories which made it challenging to choose a winner! After reading everyone’s entries, we decided on three winners, even though we wanted to gift everyone that entered! 
Bianca Hidalgo - @__biancacamille
Bianca is a registered nurse who is also juggling wedding planning and homeschooling her 6 year old son. Nominated by her bridal party and fiancé, she is a true hero! 
Photo credit: @nanetteskee
Toni Montana - @tones_t
Toni’s wedding is currently planned for July 2020 but due to COVID-19, she is unsure on the status. Toni is also a registered nurse whose aspiring bride squad includes nurses and active duty Army officers. We thank them all for all of the amazing work they are doing! 
Corinne O’Mara - @_corinne__
Corinne is a nurse who was nominated by her entire bridal party and got major shoutouts on Instagram from her future mother-in-law who shared her love story with her fiancé. They grew up living across from each other since they were 6 years old and fell in love along the way. What a sweet story! 
Photo credit: @momaraa