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How to Throw a Sleepover Bachelorette Party

What better way to celebrate with your closest friends than an old-fashioned sleepover bachelorette party? Throw it back to the sleepovers of your youth – with adult-style upgrades like gourmet snacks, spa-quality beauty treatments, and, of course, champagne.

One great thing about a bachelorette pajama party is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home. You won't need an expensive vacation rentals to have a great time! If you do decide to rent a house or stay in a hotel for your bach festivities, a slumber party makes a great low-key addition to the itinerary.

So, let’s get cozy and start planning a fabulous night in with our fave sleepover bachelorette party ideas!

We love a theme

Let’s begin our party planning with some theme ideas. If you're a bridesmaid (or the bride herself) planning the party, you already know a lot about your bride and her interests, so choose a theme that fits her vibe and personality. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Glamping: Set up a tent in the back yard and prepare for a lovely night of roasting marshmallows under the stars.

Night at the Movies: Roll out the red carpet and pop that corn. It's time for a cinematic bachelorette experience.

Up All Night '90s Sleepover: You'll feel like Mary Kate & Ashley with hot, fresh pizza rolls and old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Spa Night: Get your wellness on with moisturizing face masks, relaxing music, and a healthy snack menu.

Now, let's dig a little more into each theme.


So, first, you'll need fairy lights, lots of fairy lights, so many fairy lights that your credit card company calls to ask if you've been hacked (jk... sorta). You'll also need a tent or two for sleeping in, some cute picnic blankets, and, if you're hanging out near a fire pit, you'll also want some marshmallow roasting sticks to help get your s'more on. If you have somewhere to hang a hammock, that's also a great touch.

 Jessica Ruscello via Unsplash

For snacks, it's all about camping food — think hot dogs, chili, Frito pie, and so many s'mores. Beverages are best served out of a can (hint: with a personalized koozie) or a mug. Hot chocolate, beer, or Bourbon apple cider cocktails are all perfect for sipping around the campfire.

Night at the Movies

Get a red carpet (yes, really), and make some popcorn. Queue up a wedding-movie double feature. Perhaps Bridesmaids and The Wedding Singer. If you're feeling really ambitious (and the weather permits), you could rig up a giant projector screen and watch the movie outside. Red and white balloons will set the mood, and, miniature Oscar trophies make great prizes for party-game winners.

Instead of your run-of-the-mill movie theater chow, think elevated when planning for this party's snacks. Wine and charcuterie are must-haves for nibbling while watching your favorite flick. Oysters, stuffed mushrooms, and other bite-sized goodies are a perfect complement to the cinematic experience.

Up All Night '90s Sleepover

We have it on good authority that Gen-Z is absolutely obsessed with the '90s. And we can't think of anything more '90s than a sleepover with all your besties. First, you're going to need to track down some of those glow-in-the-dark stars to put on the ceiling. Every girl had them in the '90s (except me. ugh, mom). They aren't to be missed. Party favors should be distributed in brightly-colored Caboodles. You'll also need some Magic 8 Ball decorations and don't forget those (pre-emoji) yellow smiley faces.

The possibilities for snacks for a '90s sleepover party are absolutely endless. Think Grownup Lunchables, with salami and camembert, and home-made pizza rolls. Or, get really creative and assemble your own take on the McDonald's Happy Meal, complete with sandwich, side, and fun prize — might we suggest some fun sunnies. But the real foodie fun starts the next morning, for breakfast.

Breakfast was not just the most important meal of the day in the '90s, it was the most important meal of the decade. That's why we're recommending going absolutely ham on your morning snacks at this kind of bachelorette party. Think sugary cereal bars, venti smoothies with an entire serving of fruit on top, an Eggo waffle bar, and boatloads of silver dollar pancakes.

Spa Night Slumber Party

Break out your favorite face masks and treat your skin to something nourishing. This kind of wellness theme is great for a bachelorette party that's happening super close to the wedding. Dark circles aren't a memory most folks want captured in those forever-wedding-photos.

Setting the scene for a spa party is as easy as can be, since less is absolutely more, when you're in search of a moment of calm. Flower petals, candles, and relaxing tunes will take your bach venue from bla to aaah. Manicures, body scrubs, and other self-care activities are sure to be a hit. Don't forget to include jade rollers and gua sha stones in your party favor packs.

For food, this theme lends itself readily to plant-based eats. Whip up an Impossible meat bolognese with your favorite pasta, or try your hand at (unripe!) jackfruit nachos. All your pals will be so impressed that the whole feast is made from plants; some of them might not even notice. Smoothie cocktails — with compostable straws, of course — are a fun way to incorporate a little nature into your drinks.

slumber party attire

The best way for your babes to relax and unwind in style is with a chic pair of PJs! To make the night extra special (and totally Insta-worthy), provide your squad with matching pajamas or loungewear, which also doubles as a party favor! Add a pair of cute socks or fuzzy slippers to complete the night’s look. With our buttery soft Jonny Pajama Sets, you can buy your girls PJs that will match your bridesmaids dresses, or colors that fit the theme of your sleepover. Your girls can re-wear these for getting ready photos on the big day, and continue to wear them long after.

party games

Looking for other ideas to incorporate into your sleepover bachelorette party? Here’s a list of some bachelorette sleepover games and activities that are sure to keep the slumber at bay and the party going:

- Bachelorette Bingo


- Photo Scavenger Hunt


- DIY pizzas or cookies (easy tip for baking newbies: grab some tubs of cookie dough and loads of different fun mix-ins!)


- Lingerie Surprise Party for the bride


Birdy Grey Bride Trivia Game


- DIY friendship bracelets


- Set up your own photo booth with a tripod and hanging banner


Once you’ve got the decor, food, drinks, and some activities covered, you'll be well on your way to throwing the most memorable sleepover bachelorette party! You can complete the festivities with a morning-after brunch, or a yoga class in the backyard. Ultimately, your bride will be grateful for all of the thought and effort put into planning such a memorable night for her.

Happy bach-ing, friends!