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How to Throw a Sleepover Bachelorette Party: Theme Ideas, Decorations, Food, Games & More

What better way to celebrate with your closest friends than an old-fashioned sleepover bachelorette party? Throw it back to your elementary school sleepovers – with adult-style upgrades including bougie candy, sushi and champagne, K-beauty sheet masks, and gourmet snacks.

What’s great about a bachelorette pajama party is that it can be done right in the comfort of your own home – no need for expensive vacation rentals to have a great time! If you are renting a house or staying in a hotel for a bachelorette party weekend, a slumber party is a great addition to the itinerary for a more low-key night in.

So, let’s get cozy and start planning a fabulous night in with our fave sleepover bachelorette party ideas!

Theme Ideas

Let’s kick-off with theme ideas. You know your bride best, so choose a theme that fits her vibe and personality. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

• Prom Night
• Garden Party
• Glamping
• '90s Night
• Roaring '20s
• Disco Night
• Sex and the City
• A Night in Paris


Your grammable decorations will definitely be in the backdrop for a slew of photo-opps, so you’ll want to make sure that you have all of the bachelorette party decoration essentials to make this extra special. Don’t worry – we have you covered:

Slumber Party Attire

The best way for your babes to relax and unwind in style is with a chic pair of PJs! To make the night extra special (and totally Insta-worthy), provide your squad with matching pajamas or loungewear, which also doubles as a party favor! Add a pair of cute socks or fuzzy slippers to complete the night’s look. With our buttery soft Jonny Pajama Sets, you can buy your girls PJs that will match your bridesmaids dresses, or colors that fit the theme of your sleepover. Your girls can re-wear these for getting ready photos on the big day, and continue to wear them long after.

Party Games

Looking for other ideas to incorporate into your sleepover bachelorette party? Here’s a list of some bachelorette sleepover games and activities that are sure to keep the slumber party going:

• Bachelorette Bingo
• Photo Scavenger Hunt
• DIY pizzas or cookies (easy tip: grab some tubs of cookie dough and loads of different fun mix-ins!)
• Lingerie Surprise Party for the bride
Birdy Grey Bride Trivia Game
• DIY friendship bracelets
• Set up your own photo booth with a tripod and hanging banner

Party Food and Drinks

One of the best things about a sleepover as a kid (besides staying up late with your besties) was getting to snack on junk food treats and sweets…so popcorn, cookies, candy, and sugary cereals are a no-brainer. You can add some sustenance by dressing it up with savory spreads like a charcuterie board for all-night grazing, or order in the bride’s favorite cuisine for a laid-back family style dinner.

Fun cocktails definitely fit the fun, playful vibe, so craft some boozy ice cream floats, cotton candy champagne, or maybe some espresso martinis! Use our Bride and Babe Stadium Cups or Ring Finger Drink Pouches to keep the night totally on-brand!

Plenty of Pampering

Face masks are best when done with the girls, so be sure to have cold cucumbers and chilled face towels ready for a refreshing pampering session. For a fun activity, have everyone bring their must-have beauty product to share, or do a sheet mask swap!

Chick Flicks

Set up your pillow fort and get ready to snuggle – a bachelorette sleepover would not be complete without a famous chick flick or rom com! We’re talking How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Clueless, My Best Friend’s Wedding, 27 Dresses – the cheesier the better when you’re with your best babes.

If you’ve got the decor, food, cocktails, and some activities covered, you can’t go wrong for your sleepover bachelorette party! You can complete the festivities with a morning-after brunch, or a yoga class in the backyard. Ultimately, your bride will be grateful for all of the thought and effort put into planning such a memorable night for her.