Alternative Wedding Invitation Ideas

A wedding invitation is your guests’ first look into the wedding vibe, so it really sets the tone for what they have to look forward to (no pressure). You’ll want to choose something that not only reflects your wedding design, but who you are as a couple... After all, the wedding day should be uniquely yours, so let your personal style come through! Here are our favorite off the beaten path alternative wedding invitations.

Clear Invites

Via Papel & Co.

Chic, modern couples will love this playful spin on classic invites. Clear acrylic wedding invitations offer a unique minimalist feel, which will compliment any wedding vibe.

Online Invites

Eco-friendly couples, this one’s for you! Save a tree (and whole lotta moolah) by choosing an online wedding invitation option. This invite also alleviates any worries about envelopes getting lost in the mail, ensuring everyone on your guest list gets the memo.

Plane Ticket Invites

Via Jukebox
As if destination weddings weren’t fun enough already, invite your guests to attend your special day with a cute boarding pass invitation… i.e. their ticket to the fun. Bon voyage! 

Fold-out Poster Invites

Give your guests an invitation they’ll be excited to hang up on their fridge, with a cute fold-out poster. Why order reception cards, accommodation details, maps, schedule of events, etc. when you can send an all-in-one invite?
Leather Invites

Via 100 Layer Cake

For an outdoor barn or ranch venue, a leather wedding invitation will fit the bill. Leather elements in invites or decor will perfectly exude a rich, rustic wedding vibe that country brides crave.

Vinyl Record Invites

Via Etsy

Send guests the soundtrack to your love, in mid-century modern style. Recycle real vinyl records as wedding invitations, or just include a link to a Spotify playlist, whatevs.

Wood Invites

Via Etsy

A wooden invitation is the perfect introduction to those organic, natural outdoor weddings. From birch to walnut, there's so many different shades to choose from! This compostable invite is sure to impress.