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SOS: So You Need a Last-Minute Bridesmaid Dress

Wedding planning is a long process full of surprises and, occasionally, bumps in the road. Things happen. Companies go belly up. Vendors ghost brides mid-planning. Things slip through the cracks. It happens. Sometimes, you’re left needing something important, like a bridesmaid dress, fast. But there's no need to totally freak out 😘, because we’re here to help with your last-minute bridesmaid dress needs. Our ready-to-ship bridesmaid dresses reliably deliver in 5-10 business days.

And our collection has never been broader. From classic chiffon to trendy satin, taupe to cabernet, you’re just a few clicks away from your perfect bridesmaid dress.

Brides who aren’t in a time crunch might consider exploring our swatches or pre-order collection. Here’s a handy flow chart to figure out where you should start your bridesmaid dress adventure.

Keep reading for more tips about how to maximize your Birdy Grey experience.

Get 3 Free Swatches

If you’re just getting started picking out your wedding party palette — or you’re starting over, but you still have loads of time before the big day — we recommend you order a few swatches, so you can check out our fabrics IRL. And, good news, the first three are free!

chiffon sea glass swatch


satin neutral champagne swatch


Not sure which fabric is your fave? Check out our Fabric 101 page for a breakdown of all of our fabric options.

And, if you’re in the beginning stages of wedding planning, we also have a super handy wedding planning guide that will walk you through the steps to throwing the party of a lifetime.

Shop New Arrivals

Often, we’ll launch new dresses on a pre-order timeline, and those gowns deliver around eight weeks from the purchase date. Pre-order dresses can work for you if your wedding is more than four months away. This will leave bridesmaids plenty of wiggle room to receive their dresses and make any necessary alterations. 

An important FYI: Our dresses are designed to be quite long, so they can comfortably fit even your tallest bridesmaids. Petite bridesmaids, you’re gonna want to take the skirt up so that you can — ya know — walk and stuff.

If you have more than four months until the big day, you might want to explore some of our most popular pre-order options, like the regal satin Mia.

mia convertible dress


Mia became an instant hit when we introduced her in March. Don’t have time to wait for Mia? Might we suggest a couple of best-sellers that are in-stock and ready-to-ship ASAP.

If You Need a Dress ASAP

Brides in search of something classic will be pleased to know that our ruffle-skirt Theresa gown is available for last-minute bridesmaid dress shoppers. Theresa has become a best-seller for Birdy Grey since we introduced her.

theresa dress curve


Or, for something a little less traditional, check out our Gigi jumpsuit.

gigi convertible jumpsuit


For something totally different, this minimal-modern crepe dress is made to show off your beautiful curves.

ash dress curve