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The Bride Said...No

It’s your special day, so why is it so hard to say no to everyone’s requests? We’re here to help you take back the power for your big celebration with some simple and effective, yet kind ways to say no.


How To Tell Your Second Cousin They Don’t Have a Plus-One

Let’s start with the big one - how to tell someone they don’t get a date to your big day. Start by expressing gratitude for their presence and then gently explain the situation. Keep it simple and straightforward to avoid confusion. Let them know that while you understand they want to bring their boo, limitations from the venue are preventing it. 


We suggest being transparent and providing some context. Let them know that you've had to make tough decisions regarding the guest list due to venue restrictions or budget constraints. Being open can help them understand your POV.


End the message with reiterating that their attendance means the world to you! Remember, kindness is key here.


With that being said, for a destination wedding, we encourage giving most of your guests a plus-one if you can! Especially if they are traveling far for your event and aren’t necessarily close with the other guests.


How To Tell Your Mother In Law You Won’t be Wearing Her Old Wedding Dress

To put it short, tell your MIL that you’ve had a change in direction. She’ll understand that your fashion POV for your big day is unique and catered to your own particular needs. Your wedding day is a deeply personal and significant occasion, probably one of the most important days of your life, so as long as you are honest and direct, you’re good to go! But, just remember to express gratitude: while you may not want to wear her hand-me-downs, it's still a very sweet and sentimental gesture. 


How To Tell Your Cousin Who Loves Garage Band That You Won't Need Him As The DJ

Okay, so we don’t always recommend this, but this is something that can be blamed on your partner. Say your spouse-to-be has plans with a different DJ service, went to college with them, or just sees the music for the big day going a different way. Alternatively, if you have a family member who wants to perform at your wedding just tell them you are planning to keep the celebrations low-key and not looking for any additional live performances.


How To Tell Your Parents They Can't Invite All Their Friends, Even If They Pay

Tackling the delicate task of informing your parents that they can't invite all their friends, even if they're footing the bill, requires both sensitivity and assertiveness. Start by expressing sincere gratitude for their willingness to contribute to your wedding day (thanks mom and dad!). Acknowledge their desire to share this milestone with their friends, but gently explain the constraints you're facing regarding the guest list. And even if there are no guest list constraints, just (gently) remind them that this is your day and you want to celebrate it with your friends, not theirs.