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Warm Up: Chic Bridesmaid Dress Cover-Ups

Welcome to the world of chic cover-ups for weddings, where style meets practicality in a way that’s actually cute. We believe that every outfit should not only look good but also feel good. So even if you’re at a beach wedding in New York in December (yes, it’s happened), you’re still comfortable. That's why we've curated a collection of effortlessly chic cover-ups designed to enhance your wedding attire. From lightweight shawls to modern blazers, our chic cover-ups are the perfect finishing touch for your black-tie ensemble. 


Timeless Elegance with Shawls

A classic and versatile choice, shawls are pretty darn chic. Opt for a luxurious silk or cashmere shawl in a neutral tone like black, navy, or champagne to complement your dress. Drape it over your shoulders or elegantly wrap it around your arms to channel your inner Grace Kelly. Shawls not only keep you warm but also serve as a chic accessory and create a total lewk.

shawl with fringe


High Glam with Fur Stoles

Adding a fur stole to a black tie look adds some luxury, honey! It’s plush, warm and creates a dramatic fashion moment. Whether draped over the shoulders of a gown or layered over a tuxedo, a fur stole elevates whatever you're wearing! With its classic appeal, a fur stole is sure to make a statement and turn heads. And by the way, we’re advocates for pre-worn or faux pieces!


Modern Edge with Tuxedo Blazers

For those who prefer a contemporary and gender-neutral option, tuxedo blazers are a stylish choice for black tie events. These tailored blazers offer a modern twist on traditional formalwear and can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your personal taste. Opt for a classic black tuxedo blazer with satin lapels for a timeless look, or choose a bold color or pattern for a fashion-forward statement. Paired with trousers or a gown, tuxedo blazers add a touch of modern edge to your wedding ensemble and evoke a powerful confidence.

women's black tuxedo jacket by suitshop


Sleek Sophistication with Bolero Jackets

Bolero jackets are a chic and tailored choice for adding a polished finish to your look. These cropped jackets offer just the right amount of coverage while allowing your gown to shine. Opt for a classic black or navy bolero for a timeless look, or choose a metallic or embellished style for a modern twist. Whether tailored from satin, velvet, or lace, bolero jackets exude sleek sophistication and give your look a unique spin.