6 Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

For newly engaged brides, the plethora of rising wedding details can be totally overwhelming. Between scoping out venues and photographers, deciding on bridesmaids dresses might not be on the top of your list quite yet. So we’re here to help you get started with some preliminary things to consider before rallying the girls... Here are our top tips on choosing bridesmaid dresses!

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1. Consider different body types.

If your bridesmaids have a variety of body types, you might not want to stick them all in the same dress. Trust us, your girls will look most comfortable standing at the altar when they feel flattered in the gown they’re wearing. We recommend staying open minded to a mix of dress styles, which can totally be in different or the same color, to your preference.

2. Coordinate with your wedding gown.

Although we want your babes to look their best on the big day, they will never out-shine the bride! Be sure you order your wedding gown (or at least have a style in mind) before deciding on bridesmaid dresses. This way you and the girls can choose styles that aren’t too similar to your gown, but still coordinating, so both bride and bridesmaids look chic in their own way.

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3. Be conscious of a budget.

We can’t think of a single girl who’s thrilled to break the bank on something they’ll only wear once, so make affordability a top priority. Thankfully, we make it our mission to offer affordable bridesmaids gowns to suit every budget-- everything’s under $100, woop! Be sure to give your girls ample time to get their finances together before purchasing gowns as well. More on that in the next tip…

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4. Stick to a schedule.

Long lead times for wedding attire are typically known to be the norm, but we know that amidst all the wedding planning chaos, your bridesmaids might put off pulling the trigger on a gown. We recommend ordering bridesmaid gowns 3-4 months in advance of the wedding, to allow plenty of time for exchanges or alterations if needed. Save last minute wedding drama for the soap operas, and enforce a clear “order by” deadline. *BTW, this doesn’t mean asking them to order with 24 hours notice-- give the girls a fair amount of time to get their ducks in a row.

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5. Remember location and time of year.

One major thing you should definitely keep in mind is the wedding date and venue. If it’s taking place in Palm Springs in the middle of summer (feeling hot hot hot!), you’ll want to consider a more breathable, stretchy mesh fabric for gowns. If it’s a fall or winter wedding in the wilderness, an ethereal tulle fabric should be no sweat. For a spring wedding in the city, weather can be unpredictable, so you might consider gowns in a versatile chiffon fabric.

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6. Skin tones vs. dress color.

When choosing bridesmaid dress colors, you’ll want to take into account your bridesmaids’ skin tones for the most flattering look. No one likes to look washed out, and it doesn’t make for great photos either, so choose colors wisely! If your bridesmaids have varying tones, cool colors such as Dusty Blue or Emerald and warm colors like Mauve and Cabernet compliment all skin tones. Or, allow the girls to mix and match with shades that flatter them best-- within your wedding palette, of course.


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