The Art of Holiday Dressing

‘Tis the season of getting dressed up. With social calendars quickly filling up, here’s what to wear to a holiday party. And no, we don’t mean your mediocre office party, we mean the most-anticipated, champagne-drenched, caviar filled, parties of the season—where you’ll be remembered as best dressed of course.

Below, we break down how to look party-perfect and show off some of the best holiday dresses around. 

Holiday Hues

Paint a vivid picture of the festivities with the right colors. Rich reds evoke warmth and embody the joyous energy of the season. Opt for our Alex Convertible Dress for high style. Emerald greens mirror lush winter foliage. Try our Jay Dress for a standout look.  Deep blues and regal purples echo the serenity of the season and cast an aura of sophistication. Rock our Chris Convertible Dress for the perfect holiday style. 

chris convertible dress


Magic Touch

Fabrics become storytellers in holiday dressing, conveying luxury and comfort simultaneously. Plush velvets invite touch and create a sumptuous allure, while shiny satin drapes elegantly and exudes opulence. The tactile experience of these fabrics multiplies the delight of dressing up for the holidays.

hannah dress


Defy Trends

Looking for a chic alternative to the traditional holiday dress? Try our women’s suits and tuxedos, in a range of classic styles for the non-conformist. Wear them as a full look or as separates for customized style and the perfect holiday party outfit. Tailored pieces remain a cornerstone of chic style, making them perfect for the holiday season. Pro tip: pair one of our blazers with your Birdy Grey dress and drape over your shoulders for a chic, editorialized look.

women's navy blue suit by suitshop


Heading to a More Casual Affair?

Opt for one of our midi dresses for the perfect look that’s a bit less formal. You can’t go wrong with The Lisa—with its slinky fit and midi length, it’s the ideal look for a casual-chic party. Pro tip: pair with a knit cardigan over the shoulders for a casual look, perfected. Not to mention the cropped length is amazing for showing off a pair of killer heels.

lisa matte midi dress


Plus One

Footwear completes the holiday look, infusing personality and flair. From sophisticated heels that exude elegance to embellished flats that offer both style and comfort, footwear choices accentuate the overall aesthetic. Sparkling details and metallic finishes mirror the celebratory ambiance, adding an extra sparkle to every step. Timeless and versatile, classic heels in black or metallic shades complement almost any holiday outfit. Opt for pumps, stilettos, or kitten heels depending on your comfort and the formality of the event. For a touch of elegance and a more open look,

natalie chunky heel


For a touch of elegance and a more open look, strappy sandals are a fabulous choice. They pair beautifully with dresses and skirts for semi-formal to formal occasions.

And Maybe Another

Accessories serve as the exclamation point to your holiday look, elevating your soiree style. Statement jewelry, be it sparkling earrings or bold necklaces, adds a touch of dazzle to outfits, creating focal points that draw admiration. Handbags and clutches become functional yet fashionable companions, complementing attire while carrying festive essentials.

hendrix teardrop earrings