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2022 Brides Are Keeping This Secret From Their Bridesmaids...

Okay, yes, they’re your besties. How could we possibly encourage brides to keep any secrets from their beloved bridesmaids? Just hear us out. We’ve all seen modern brides doing first looks with their soon-to-be spouses, parents and other loved ones. As we enter the year of the wedding boom, we’re seeing one more group being added to the first-look line up: Bridesmaids! Brides are starting to keep their wedding day ensemble a secret from their girls to create an intimate, special and all-around exciting atmosphere focused on hyping up the bride.

So why are brides keeping this secret from their bridesmaids?

For the fun of it all! If you don’t believe us, see the video above of the cutest influencer and bride, Sophie, absolutely shocking her ladies! Your bridesmaids will spend all day guessing what the gown will look like, wondering what sort of silhouette you would pick based on your personality and just letting the excitement of not knowing build up into the most squeal-worthy grand reveal!

For a bridesmaid to go into the wedding day not knowing what look the bride has put together adds so much fun and shock-factor — plus, all the positive reactions from bridesmaids can even help to calm the bride’s nerves right before she walks down the aisle. We’re also a big fan of keeping the day-of look a secret because of the special moment leading up to a bridesmaid reveal.

So, picture it. Your hair and makeup is done just right. Your bridesmaids have all left the room, absolutely giddy to see you in your full look in just a few minutes when suddenly everything just s l o w s down. You’re left with just one or two special people, maybe a parent, close family member or maid of honor, to help you get into your dress, zip you up and see you as a bride for the first time (ahhh!).

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This is such a sweet time to share with a special person and just really take in the quiet moment of what you’re about to do — marry the love of your life. It’s exciting. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment worth taking in to its fullest. Taking that time to be alone with just a few people and save all the over-the-top excitement for a couple minutes later will make all the difference when looking back on your special day.

So, does it sound nearly impossible to keep this huge secret from your entire bridal party? Or does it sound like the most fun stealthy mission you could ever embark on? The good news is, there’s not just one correct way to keep this secret.

If you’re a go-hard-or-go-home kind of bride, you may want to keep your entire look a secret from your best gals. This means going wedding dress shopping with just your closest family member in tow and making sure all your bridesmaids are kept completely in the dark from veil to heels. What does this mean for the bridesmaids? It means they’re going to be abuzz all day long wondering what you’re going to wear down the aisle. Everyone loves a woman of mystery!

If you just couldn’t possibly keep the entire look a complete secret, get creative! Think about why exactly you don’t think you could keep the entire ensemble a secret. Is it because…

You would miss having your MOH at your wedding dress shopping appointment?

No problem, make her the exception! Let her come, swear her to secrecy then keep the rest of the gals guessing.

Your dress will set the tone for everyone else’s looks?

Some brides think their dress should set the vibe for the rest of the bridesmaids’ ensembles, giving them important context for the style of the day. You can always just choose a super versatile dress for them, like our best-selling Grace Convertible. Or pick a handful of bridesmaid dresses from our studio that will set the vibe for them! For example, if you’re going for sleek and modern, let them choose from Benny Crepe and Jay Satin. From there you can give them specific hints about your look to give them the details they need to accessorize perfectly.

You just think it would be impossible to keep your dress a secret?

You do you, girlfriend! If you still want an element of surprise you can totally keep your hair, veil or accessories a secret until your reveal. Sure, the dress is a big deal but there is a special feeling you’ll get when it’s THE day and your entire look is put together for the first time. Your girls will still be just as shocked and over-the-moon to finally see your complete look.

Remember, this day is all about the bride, so whatever plan you’re most comfortable with — do it! Whether you line your bridesmaids up with their eyes closed, have them all turned away from the bride giving them a big “1- 2- 3 TURN AROUND!” moment or you have the bride enter from a separate room to be revealed, this is a time each of you will remember forever. Bridesmaids, give the bride her moment, celebrate her well and really take in these final minutes before she ties that knot!