Throw A Kick-Booty Sleepover Bachelorette Party

We girls love a sleepover, and that doesn’t end just because you’re all grown up and engaged… Have the bride squad over for a night of snacks, movies, and pampering with a fun bachelorette slumber party! What’s great about this bachelorette theme is that it can be done right in the comfort of your own home-- no need for expensive vacation rentals to have a great time. Grab a comfy pillow and get ready for your best babes to have a fabulous night in, with our fave sleepover bachelorette party ideas!

Attire: PJ’s Required

Left: Olivia von Halle, Right: Anna K Photo

Wynn Myers

The best way for your babes to relax and unwind in style is with a favorite pair of PJ’s! To make the night extra special (and totally Insta-worthy), provide matching bridesmaid pajamas for the whole squad… This also doubles as a party favor, so the girls can always remember your amazing bach party.

Junk Food (& Drink)

Left: She Wears Many Hats, Right: Anna K Photo

Our Handcrafted Life

One of the best things about a sleepover as kid (besides staying up late with your besties) was getting to snack on junky treats and sweets… So popcorn, donuts, and sugary cereals are a must! Have a formal(-ish) sit down snack sesh on pillows by the fire, or set up a snack table for all night grazing. 

Left: Snixy Kitchen, Right: The Kitchy Kitchen

Cocktails should fit the fun, playful vibe, with boozy ice cream floats and cotton candy champagne.

Plenty of Pampering

Left: Bird’s Party, Right: Wynn Myers

Mani’s and face masks are best when done with the girls, so be sure to have soaking bowls and cold cucumbers at the ready! Or for a fun activity, have everyone bring their must-have beauty product to share. An essential oil diffuser will also fill the room with aromatherapeutic scents, for some serious relaxation.

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Chick Flicks

Set up your pillow fort and get ready to snuggle, cause a bachelorette sleepover wouldn’t be complete without chick flicks! We’re talking How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Clueless, 27 Dresses, The Notebook… The cheesier the better when you’re with your best babes.