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Help! How Do I Plan a Bachelorette Party?

Sure bachelorette parties are great fun, but planning one? Not so much. It’s often like taking on another full-time job without the pay. But we know how much you love the bride–and she deserves to be showered with love–so we made it super easy for you. Below, check out the best bachelorette party ideas, whether your bride likes to go out or stay in. 


Night Out

Bride looking to turn up? Here are some fool-proof ways to plan the perfect night and maybe even day (you rockstar, you).


Find the Vision

Talk to the bride about her ideal night out. Glamorous dinner? Dancing at clubs? Karaoke session? Or propose some unique ideas. Day at a distillery? Country music bar? The options are endless! Let’s be honest, the bride needs to stand out! What better than a little white dress? Our favorite for a bach party? This White Tulle style that screams F-U-N.

liliana tulle tiered mini dress


 Once you have the bride's vision, reach out to her few of her closest friends and see what budget they're comfortable spending, so that the party is truly a celebration of the bride and not an event that leaves guests strapped for cash!


Save the Date

Choose a date that suits the bride's schedule and the availability of the bridal party. Send out invitations well in advance, including essential details like the meeting time, dress code, and any specific instructions.


But First, Dinner

Design an itinerary that flows smoothly throughout the night. Start with a dinner reservation at a restaurant that matches the bride's taste. Consider pre-booking a private space or arranging for special menus to add a personal touch. Even better? Bring some special decor like custom floral arrangements or fun touches like cookies with different pictures of the bride printed on them for the tablescape.


Make A Res

Research and choose the best nightlife spots. Whether it's a trendy rooftop bar, a lively nightclub, or a cozy lounge, make reservations or get on guest lists to avoid long waits.


Hitch A Ride

Ensure safe transportation throughout the night. Arrange designated drivers, rideshare services, or a hired car service to ensure everyone gets home safely. Why not really go for it and have a white stretch limo?


Communication Nation

Communicate the finalized plan to all guests and confirm reservations a few days before the event to avoid any last-minute hiccups. By carefully curating the night's activities, focusing on the bride's preferences, and adding personal touches, you'll create an exhilarating and memorable bachelorette night out that celebrates the bride-to-be in style.


Got any niche ideas?

Five unique going-out ideas you won’t regret.


  • ‘80s Dance Night 
  • Party Bus 
  • Cocktail Making Class 
  • Burlesque Show
  • Booze Cruise


Night In

After a wild night out, there’s nothing quite like a girls night in. Snuggle up in PJs and don’t skimp on anything comfy.


Secure the Goods

Plan activities that are both fun and pajama-themed. You could put together a few rounds of trivia about the bride, have a spa corner with facials, manicures, and foot massages, or a pajama fashion show where everyone flaunts their pajamas. The PJs in question? Our best-selling Jonny Long Sleeve Pajama Set. Kick things up a notch and have them embroidered so each bridesmaid has a special way to remember the trip. Finish the look off with our Fuzzy Slippers for full-on comfort.

jonny long sleeve pajama set


Where to go?

Choose a comfortable and spacious location. It could be someone's home, a rented cabin, a cozy Airbnb, or a hotel suite. As long as there's enough space for everyone to lounge comfortably and dance all night.

More Decor!

Transform the space into a dreamy haven. Use fairy lights, plush cushions, blankets, and decorative pillows to bring a chill vibe. Consider banners, balloons or personalized signage. Hell, even a piñata! Stuffed with the bride’s favorite treats of course.

Snacks, Pls

Curate a menu of delicious snacks and beverages. Offer a mix of sweet and savory treats like popcorn, cupcakes, chocolates and a killer charcuterie board. Even better? Consider a signature cocktail/mocktail for the occasion named after the bride.

What To Do

Organize entertainment that suits the cozy vibe. Arrange a movie marathon featuring the bride's favorite films. Princess Diaries, anyone?  You could also prepare games in advance like a scavenger hunt tailored to the theme or with the bride's favorite things. Another fab touch? Keep a polaroid in the house to capture all the fun moments.

Chill Zone

Bride not exactly a movie buff? Opt for a night of music and dancing in pajamas instead. Create a playlist with the bride's favorite tunes or soothing melodies to set the mood.

Gifts To Go

Send the bridal squad home with themed party favors. Consider items like personalized sleep masks, scented candles, pretty earrings, cozy socks, or mini pampering kits as a token of appreciation.

cannes chandelier earrings


Got any niche ideas?

Here are some unique pajamas party ideas that won’t miss:


  • Bouquet Making Class
  • Visit from an Astrologer or Tarot Reader
  • Hire a Chef (the bridal squad will thank you!)
  • Costume Karaoke (wigs, anyone?)
  • At-Home Manicurist of Masseuse