The Ultimate Guide: What to Include in Your Bridesmaid Box

Your wedding day is one of the biggest of your life, and the friends and family who stand next to you as bridesmaids play an invaluable role. Expressing your gratitude and appreciation for their support is a beautiful gesture, and what better way to do so than with a carefully curated bridesmaid box? This token of thanks not only symbolizes your love but also serves as a delightful keepsake. Here’s a rundown of what you can include for the best bridesmaid box ideas.


Crafting these proposal boxes is not so much about the contents but about celebrating the unique bond you share with each bridesmaid. Personal touches and items that resonate with them will make the gesture even more meaningful. It's about showing gratitude for their unwavering support and friendship, making them feel cherished and loved on your big day!


In the end, the essence of these boxes lies in the thoughtfulness behind them. Tailor each box to reflect your relationship. After all, these boxes are a beautiful way to say, "Thank you for being by my side."


Personalized Tokens of Gratitude

Customized Note: Start with a heartfelt message expressing your thanks. Personalize each note to make every bridesmaid feel cherished and appreciated.


Monogrammed Keepsakes: A robe, tote bag, or piece of jewelry engraved with their initials or name adds a touch of personalization and serves as a lasting memento of your special day. Try one of our robes of customized PJ sets for your bridesmaid proposal box.


Wedding Essentials and Information

Wedding Timeline: Early planner? Share the day's schedule or a detailed guidebook outlining important details, ensuring your bridesmaids are informed and prepared.


Wedding Survival Kit: Include a mini emergency kit with items like mini sewing kits, stain remover pens, mints, tissues, and other helpful supplies for unforeseen mishaps. Throw in our Criss Cross Fuzzy Slippers to make sure everyone’s feet stay comfy!

criss cross fuzzy slippers


Beauty and Pampering Treats

Spa Essentials: Treat your bridesmaids to relaxation with bath bombs, face masks, or scented candles, allowing them to unwind before the festivities.


Beauty Products: Consider adding lip gloss, nail polish in your wedding color, or a small makeup palette, ensuring they feel pampered and ready for the celebration.


Celebratory Elements

Champagne or Personalized Glass: Include a mini bottle of champagne or a customized champagne glass, setting the tone for a pre-wedding toast and celebration.


Celebration Accessories: Add a dash of fun with confetti poppers, party poppers, or playful accessories like temporary tattoos featuring your wedding motif. Why not add a pair of fabulous pearl earrings for a glamorous touch? 

bleeker pearl studs


Memories and Keepsakes

Photo Frame: Include a frame for a future picture from the wedding day, allowing your bridesmaids to preserve and display a memory from the special day.


Memory Book: Provide a scrapbook or memory book where they can compile photos and heartfelt memories from your friendship and the wedding.


Personalized Touches and Extras

Favorite Treats or Snacks: Add their favorite chocolates, snacks, or candies, for a sweet touch.


Gift Cards: Treat your gals to gift cards for their favorite stores, coffee shops, or even a spa treatment to relax and refresh before the big day.


Personalized Playlist: Include a USB drive with a curated playlist of songs that hold special significance for you and your besties.