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Here's Why Sofia Richie's Wedding Went Totally Viral

You’ve probably seen a ton of pics and videos floating around from a lavish, star-studded event that happened over in Europe recently. It was a big day for one noble British family, as they celebrated the beginning of a new era. No, not the coronation of England’s new king! We’re talking about Sofia Richie’s wedding in the South of France. Though it’s no longer the tippy-top trending topic on all of the social platforms, Richie’s wedding to British record exec Elliot Grainge has quickly become one of the most talked-about weddings of 2023.

But why?

Is it simply because her wedding was featured in Vogue, or because we're all incurably fascinated with the lifestyles of the rich and/or famous? Is it because the bride wore a trio of gowns designed by Chanel at the height of their Met-Gala searchability? Or is something else at play here?

Sofia and Elliot’s wedding played perfectly into the most of-the-moment wedding trends. If you take a look back in time at our 2023 wedding trend report, you’ll see a lot of familiar ideas at play.

Here's a little recap.

Abandoning the wedding uniform

PHOTO CREDIT: Norman & Blake

Richie’s bridesmaids picked their own unique dresses, from YSL, Rodarte, and other haute designers. Her bridesmaids wore black, which is an extremely of-the-moment trend we’ve seen pop up in the last couple of months.

Embracing the party vibes

PHOTO CREDIT: Norman & Blake

We’ll say it again: A wedding is a party. Richie and her pals cut loose until 3 a.m. before heading back to the villa with the whole wedding party to relive the excitement over late-night  bowls of pasta and French snacks. 

Going all in on glamorous guest attire

PHOTO CREDITS: Left: Paris hilton; Right: Norman & Blake

With a guest list that included Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton, it’s safe to say that the guests were dressed to the nines, tens, and elevens.

Making it her own

PHOTO CREDIT: Norman & Blake

Riche leaned into personal touches at her destination affair. From the custom embroidery in her wedding dress to her father’s performance at the reception, there were loads of super thoughtful, unique touches to admire on the big day.

PHOTO CREDIT: Norman & Blake

Congrats to the happy couple.