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Shoe Diary: I Wore the Ryanne Platform Heels All Day and Here's What Happened
AUTHOR: Jessica Feinman | DATE: 01/24/2023

I wore these beautiful Birdy Grey heels for a whole day last week to test their comfort, fit, and general bridesmaidability.

So, full disclosure, I don’t wear heels that often, and when I do, they’re usually boots. So, when I decided to take these sky-high babies for a spin to our big, quarterly Birdy Grey company meeting — for the purposes of fashion and this blog post — I was a little nervous that I would end the day with blisters and regret. But, at 10:50 am Pacific time, bound by honor and the assignments on my calendar, I tossed a pair of ballet flats into my laptop bag and climbed into the heels.

ryanne platform heel


The heels in question are the Ryanne Platform Heels in Nude Blush, size 6. These bad boys are four entire inches off the ground. The atmosphere felt a little thinner all the way up at a 5-foot-4-with-heels-on.

It's business time

I strutted out the door feeling like Lady Gaga in the Bad Romance video and hopped into my Prius. I quickly discover I can actually move the seat back a little — from its normal position at all-the-way-foward — and still reach the pedals. This is what you guys feel like all the time, huh? Such power.

11 am

Our office is in downtown Los Angeles. This neighborhood is famous for a few things: We’ve got the traffic, of course, the iconic, silvery music destination Disney Hall, and the Lakers. What we don’t have is convenient parking. Anywhere. I crossed my fingers that there would be a spot left in the lot across from our office. I snag the second-to-last parking spot with 10 minutes to spare (phew).


At the crosswalk, the counter is on, so I instinctively hustle across the street, only remembering halfway through the intersection that I’m wearing Fortune 500 C-Suite platform heels. They’re… really comfortable, I note! The ankle strap is ultra-soft with zero chafing, and the memory foam foot bed is cushioning each step.

“Wow! I’m looking at you at eye level,” my work pal and retention marketing wizard Megan exclaims, upon my arrival at the office. I show off my fresh kicks to the rest of the LA team and try not to let the compliments go to my head. These shoes are cute tho. At some point, I type a note to myself that says “I am actually really digging the square toe box. Does that mean I am still young?”

feeling myself

Halfway through the meeting, I take a turn around the room, like a character from Pride and Prejudice, and take the above picture.

2 pm

After the meeting, we head to lunch, about a mile from the office. Perhaps unsurprisingly, parking is in short supply near the restaurant, and one lot attendant tells me there’s a $20 flat fee to park in his domain. No thank you. I decide that this is the moment I will test the full bridesmaidability of the heels. I park a total of four blocks away — unnecessary, even for DTLA. The things I do for science!

On the walk from my car, I walk by a very reflective window. Please note the confidence in this strut.

come for the dresses, stay for the gifs

Anyway, at this point, I’ve basically forgotten that there are flats in my bag. Who needs em? Not me.

3:30 pm

We wrap up a delicious lunch and I walk the four blocks back to my car just before it starts raining again.

5:50 pm

Back at my house, I knock out a bit more work, and my Apple Watch reminds me to stand up again (Gotta close those rings, baby). Still wearing my Ryanne heels, I hop up and do a 1-minute loop, from one end of the house to the other. I take this pic to document the miles I walked in these shoes, again, for science.

nobody walks in la

At this point, I change into my spin shoes, no blisters in sight, and return my Birdy Grey kicks to my closet and consider fully integrating platform heels into my personality.

Final Report Card

13/10 stars, will wear again

Comfortable and cute

Compliment count: 11

Bridesmaid Potential: High