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8 Postpartum & Nursing Bridesmaid Dresses & Tips

If you've just given birth, well first of all, CONGRATS MAMA! We get so many inquiries from new moms (or mom-to-be's) asking for tips on dressing a post-baby body – especially from bridesmaids who are shopping while pregnant, but whose wedding date is after the delivery. We know, it's tricky... but we've got some helpful tips and gorgeous postpartum and nursing-friendly bridesmaid dress options, to make your post-baby bridesmaid experience a piece of cake!

laurie empire dress

This floor-length sleeveless chiffon dress is all about a long and lean silhouette. It features a clean pleated bodice with a raised empire waist that boasts lots of stretch and wiggle room... which means whether you're 8 months pregnant or 2 months postpartum on the wedding day, you can still rock a pretty gown and be comfy walking down the aisle. And for added sex appeal (that's right, mama!), we added a slit so you can flash some leg on the dance floor just like the pre-baby days. The Laurie Empire Dress is also available in our plus size Curve collection.

hannah empire dress

If you’re a new mom, the term “Empire waist” might be music to your ears! The flattering waistline of our Hannah Empire Dress was truly created with new moms and moms-to-be in mind. The empire raised waist is fitted with elastic for ultimate comfort, and coupled with the lightweight chiffon material, it’s a match made in heaven! The Hannah Empire Dress is also available in our plus size Curve collection.

grace convertible dress

Grace really impresses with her multi-tasking design, and her fitted waist is a great option for postpartum as well as a first trimester maternity bridesmaids dress. With two extra long front streamers attached at the waist, you’ll be able to customize the top for your individual style and preference. If you’re looking for a bit more coverage up top, style Grace with butterfly sleeves or a halter top style. For the nursing moms, you can wear Grace as a strapless, making it easy to nurse or pump throughout the night. The sweeping skirt allows for plenty of movement, so you’ll be comfortable on the dance floor all night long! Grace Convertible is also available in our plus size Curve Collection.

christina convertible dress

Our Christina Convertible Dress is also another versatile, genius choice for a postpartum or nursing friendly bridesmaid dress. The variety of necklines (she can also be styled strapless) offers so many different coverage options and styles, you’re sure to find one that’s your cup of tea. Christina’s column skirt is also uber-flattering, and the tulle material adds just the right amount of volume! You can also find our Christina Convertible Dress in our plus size Curve collection.

hannah crepe dress

If you’re looking for something simple and chic, our Hannah Crepe Dress is it. Her V front and back are universally flattering, and the knit crepe material provides some stretch for your postpartum comfort. The invisible back zipper gives the entire dress a sleek and clean look, only to be complemented by the flowy full ruffled sleeves. She’s definitely a dreamy pick! Hannah can also be found in our plus size Curve sizes.

maria convertible dress

The Maria Convertible Dress is a glamorous choice when it comes to feeling like a superstar in your post-baby body! The high empire waist and full length column skirt are only enhanced by the fitted pleated bodice, making for a beautifully balanced silhouette. We also love Maria to show off a baby bump, so you can rock it through all stages of pregnancy through post-baby bliss! 

lianna dress

Lianna is a crowd pleaser for new moms. The super-comfy bridesmaid dress features a raised empire waist that ever-so-gently grazes over curves, and since she’s made spun of stretch mesh fabric, there’s plenty of extra wiggle room! The twisted front V-neckline is an ideal option for all sizes, and she’s extra supportive with bra-friendly straps. Lianna is another versatile option that doubles as a maternity bridesmaid dress to show off your super cute baby bump.

ryan dress

We cannot get enough of the conservative-yet-modern design of our Ryan dress. The high neck is contrasted with the surprise of a sheer illusion neckline. Combined with the empire waist, she’s a new mom’s dream. You’ll be comfy in the stretch mesh fabric and built-in cups (for extra support), while showing off just enough skin. Whether you’re post-baby or a soon-to-be mom, our Ryan dress is definitely #momgoals.

4 Bridesmaid Dress Tips for New & Breastfeeding Mamas

Dress Sizing

This can be tricky...

If the wedding date is soon after delivery: You can expect to be around the same size as you were at 5 months pregnant. If possible, measure yourself and order your dress when you are around 5 months along.

If the wedding is 3 or more months after delivery: Wait until you’ve given birth to shop. At that point, you should be clear to just order a size up from what you would normally wear.

As a Birdy best-practice, we strongly recommend ordering your bridesmaid dress 3 months before the wedding, to avoid last-minute dress drama.

Breastfeeding in Your Bridesmaid Dress

If you plan to be nursing your new babe, opt for a dress with a neckline that’s easy to maneuver, such as one of our strapless convertible bridesmaid dresses that you can wear as a halter and easily untie for feeding (our favorites are Grace and Christina).

Be sure to account for lots of extra room in the bust area – you’ll need it. Keep in mind that you’ll need to sneak away during the wedding to pump or nurse, so it’s a good idea to. And don't forget to wear those nursing pads!!

Order the Size You Are Now

Resist that temptation to order a pre-pregnancy size dress and order up, just to be safe. Trust us when we say that it’s easier to tailor a dress down in sizing, than vice versa.

It’s also totally okay to order a maternity friendly dress if you’ve recently given birth—they're just as forgiving post-pregnancy as they are during. (Our Hannah Empire Dress below features a raised empire waist and is super cute with or without a baby bump!)

Love Your Body

Try not to compare your body to others in the bridal party, and focus on appreciating the sweet moments you’ll share alongside your best gal on her wedding day. This day won’t come around again, and you'll definitely want to spend every moment having fun and making sure you're fulfilling all of your bridesmaid duties, instead of stressing over your post-baby body.