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New Year’s Eve: A Night of Style 

Ah, New Year's Eve – one of the most anticipated nights of the year. But while the parties are always fun,  let’s face it, navigating the style game on this night can be daunting. It’s a riot of glitz, glam, and a touch of "Is this too much?"

And while you're trying to find the balance between “I woke up like this” casual and “I’m here to outshine the fireworks” extra, we're here to tell you – go all out! Dress to the nines, baby! Tonight is the night.

So hold off on the Netflix and chill (you can save that for tomorrow). For New Year's Eve, opt for all-out glamour and strut into the new year with style, confidence, and a sprinkle of glitter.

And just remember, the real fashion statement isn’t in what you wear, but in how you wear it – with a smile, with a laugh, and with the promise to welcome the new year. Cheers to a stylishly fun New Year’s Eve!

Turn Out a Look

A dress is a classic and timeless choice for this special night. A floor-length style draped in sumptuous satin is an excellent choice for turning heads. Our Monica Dress (in Champagne, of course), fits any NYE occasion perfectly. Meanwhile, a chic cocktail dress radiates a sense of celebration and allure, perfectly suited for all NYE festivities. Try our Lisa Shiny Satin Midi Dress for a timeless cocktail style.

monica shiny dress


To Dress or Not to Dress?

 For those searching for a look that dances between sophistication and playfulness, the tailored jumpsuit emerges as a modern icon. With its sleek lines and contemporary edge, it embodies confidence and versatility, and is easy to move in (we encourage dancing all night). Our Gigi Convertible Jumpsuit is NYE ready and pairs perfectly under a blazer for chic style.

gigi convertible jumpsuit


Color Choices

Start with the right color for a standout look. Deep shades add a sophisticated feel, while vibrant hues herald optimism and excitement for the year ahead. From the classic elegance of black to the regal allure of navy and the celebratory vibrancy of gold or cabernet, colors become a language of their own.

jackson dress


Accessories Plz

 Accessories serve as the final brushstrokes to complete the masterpiece of New Year's Eve dressing. A statement necklace, sparkling earrings, or a clutch adorned with embellishments become the finishing touches that elevate your look, adding a touch of individuality and sparkle. Try our Eze Floral Statement Necklace for a showstopping touch or our Ruched Handbag for a style you can wear year-round.

ruched handbag



Looking for an unexpected touch? Add a hair accessory to your look. Opt for hair accessories like clips and hairpins that have timeless appeal. These lustrous gems stand out and are a meaningful choice for your big night out.

Not sure how to style your hair accessory of choice? Pay attention to your overall look.. Does your dress have ruffles or embellishments that can compete with bold hair pieces? Or does it have a modest silhouette that pairs well with pared-down hair clips? Remember that your hair accessories have more of a supporting role, so if you have a super sleek, modern dress like our Ash Crepe Dress you can opt for something more lavish.

tel aviv comb pin