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How to Mix Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Classic floral dresses might conjure up images of grassy knolls and picnic baskets, but for spring 2024, we’re begging the question—is it possible to don a dress of blooms for a more formal affair? Or, are they strictly relegated to daytime, outdoor parties? 

At Birdy Grey, we know that both florals, and weddings, have a celebratory air. The vibrant colors and lively patterns reflect the fun and joy of a wedding party, so why not include floral dresses in your special day? 

This season, we’re giving these beloved prints a makeover with a new formal collection of 13 prints crafted in chiffon, perfect for everything from a garden party to a black-tie affair. Even better—this collection was expertly designed so each dress can be mixed and matched and still look cohesive. Below, we break down some guidelines on how to mix prints and still have your bridal party look fab. 

Same Print, Different Dresses

Looking to just dip your toe in the mix and match pond? Try one print in different dress styles.  Take our Blue Le Fleur for instance. This soft, light floral print works perfectly with virtually any theme. Take our Hannah Dress in Blue Le Fleur and pair it with our Laurie Empire Dress and Theresa style for a chic, subtle, monochromatic look. 

hannah empire dress


Prints in Varying Sizes

Floral prints have stood the test of time in the ever-evolving world of fashion. Their ability to be reimagined in diverse styles, from bold and oversized prints to subtle and dainty patterns, ensures their perennial presence on runways and in wardrobes. So why not take two prints and mix? Style your bridesmaids in dresses cut in Coral Sunset Peonies, a pattern with larger flowers, and our Pressed Florals, a smaller print. The sizes of the flowers on both prints beautifully juxtapose one another while the colors are complementary. 

theresa dress


Same Color Palette

 Another way to mix and match florals is to choose different prints within the same color palette. Neutral tones are a beautiful choice for any season and offer a refreshing contrast to typical color palettes. Try our Devin Dress in Dusty Pink Peonies and our Laurie Empire Dress in Whimsical Blooms. Or opt for a brighter print and dress your bridesmaids in pink. Mixing our Pink Falling Petals and Wild Rose Gardens prints works like a charm.

devin convertible dress


Pair Floral Dresses with Solid Styles

Pair floral dresses with solid ones for a stunning look. The blend of vibrant florals with solid colors offers a delightful contrast, allowing each dress to stand out. A solid dress can serve as an excellent canvas to highlight the intricate patterns and hues of a floral garment, striking a perfect balance. Whether it's a mix of pastels with a bold solid shade or a contrast of soft florals against a deep, rich color, this combination brings a touch of charm and style.

Break All the Rules

Why not go all out? Who says you can’t have two colors for your big day? Go ahead and mix pinks and blues! Style your bridesmaids in dresses in our Blue and Pink Dreamy Ditsy prints. Better yet, try orange and pink. Or opt for blue and green. The options are endless and the choice is yours.

violet dress