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How To Fold a Pocket Square

Knowing how to fold a pocket square can come in super handy when you're in a wedding party. Maybe one of the young ushers needs help putting the finishing touches on his look. Or, maybe your plus-one doesn't know a single pocket-square fold. Brides, go ahead and send this article to your bridesdudes and suit-clad groomspeople. Maids of honor, bookmark this and save it for later.

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Keep reading to master three super simple pocket-square folds so you can swoop in and play superhero at your pal's wedding (or your own!).

The Super-Formal Presidential Fold

This is both one of the easiest folds to master and one of the most formal. 

1. Start with the Pocket square unfolded and fold it in half once in each direction. 

2. Continue to fold the pocket square in half, changing the direction of the fold each time, until you reach the desired height and width for your suit pocket. 

3. If necessary, adjust the location of the final folds to optimize the finished dimensions (instead of just folding it in half). When you're finished, you want to have a rectangle of pocket square fabric between 1/4'' to 3/4'' visible above the pocket line.

didi pocket square

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A More Laid-Back Scalloped Fold:

For a more casual, stylish look, try this four-step fold.

1. Start with the inside of the pocket square facing up on a flat surface. Take one of the corners closest to you and fold it onto the opposite corner at the top. Now, you should have a triangle of fabric with the right angle pointed diagonally away from you. 

2. Next, fold that triangle in half by folding the bottom right corner onto the top left corner. You should now have a smaller right triangle. Rotate the fabric so that the 90-degree angle is facing toward you. 

3. Then, take the narrow angle on the right and fold it so that it's just touching the straight edge of the left side of the triangle. 

4. Repeat the same step with the narrow angle on the left, creating a loose, scalloped diamond shape. Insert the folded pocket square into the pocket and make small adjustments until it sits in your pocket in a way that is secure and attractive. 

PRO TIP: There is no right or wrong here. Just make sure to tuck the pocket square under the lapel of the suit jacket.

didi pocket square

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The Puff Fold: For pocket square newbies in a hurry

If you're looking for a fun, casual fold that you can create in seconds, the puff fold is the fold for you.

1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the outside facing up. Pinch the pocket square from the center and pick it up off the table.

2. With your other hand, fold the bottom of the pocket square up, roughly in half, behind the fabric you just pinched from the center.

3. Now, pop that bad boy, pinched side facing out, into the suit pocket and make small adjustments until it's sitting in a way that is secure and attractive. 

PRO TIP: Make sure your puff fold isn't going to fall all the way into the pocket so you can barely see it. It's a casual fold, but it should definitely look intentional.

didi pocket square

The puff fold looks great with a patterned pocket square.