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Deciphering Dress Codes: What to Wear to Different Wedding Styles

Sure, getting dressed for a wedding is fabulous. We love it so much, we started a business around it!  But sometimes, you just can’t crack the dress code. We know you're excited for your college roomie’s wedding but what exactly does creative black tie mean? Or what do you wear to a casual affair without looking like you’re heading to a bbq?


Below, we break down some outfit ideas so you can feel cool and confident for any dress code.


Casual Weddings: Embracing Relaxed Elegance

Casual weddings create a laid-back atmosphere without compromising on style. Men, think along the lines of dress pants paired with a smart button-down or a well-fitted polo. For the ladies, opt for flowy sundresses, chic skirts matched with a blouse, or even a tasteful jumpsuit. Remember, the key is comfort with a touch of refinement.


Semi-Formal/Cocktail: Striking the Balance

Stepping up the formality, semi-formal or cocktail attire requires a touch of sophistication. For men, this often entails a well-tailored suit with a complementing tie. Ladies, a stylish cocktail dress, a pantsuit, or an elegant skirt paired with a dressy top hits the sweet spot. It’s all about finding that balance between chic and relaxed. Opt for our Lisa midi dress, a shorter style that’s perfect for any cocktail occasion.

lisa midi dress


Formal/Black Tie Optional: Elevating the Elegance

A notch higher in the elegance scale, formal or black-tie optional weddings suggest refined dressing. Men can opt for a dark suit or raise the stakes with a tuxedo. Women, this is your moment to shine in a formal cocktail dress or a sophisticated evening gown. Our Catherine dress in shiny satin is the perfect choice. Plus the dramatic leg slit creates the perfect canvas for a killer shoe.

catherine dress


Black Tie: A Touch of Opulence

Black tie affairs call for a higher level of sophistication. Men, it’s time for a classic tuxedo with a sleek bow tie. Ladies, pull out all the stops with a breathtaking formal evening gown. The Monica is an amazing choice. Adding statement jewelry for an extra, dramatic touch.

monica dress


Black Tie Creative: Have Some Fun

Friend having a wedding affair in vegas? Have some fun with it! Men, add a spontaneous touch to your suit like a bolo tie. Ladies, opt for a two piece set or something crafted in sheer fabric, or a bold print. Try our Grace dress in our Pink Dreamy Ditsy print for a vibrant touch.

grace convertible dress


White Tie: Epitome of Elegance

The epitome of formal elegance, white tie events require top-notch refinement. Men, prepare for a black tailcoat, matching trousers, a pristine white wing-collared shirt, and a matching white bow tie. Ladies, grace the occasion in a floor-length evening gown, like our Mia dress, that exudes sophistication and grace.

mia convertible dress


Tips for Navigating Dress Codes

Reference the Invite: The wedding invitation often provides crucial clues about the expected attire. Look for phrases like "black tie," "casual," or "cocktail" to guide your outfit choice.


Consider the Venue and Time: Outdoor garden weddings might lean towards a more relaxed style, while evening affairs at upscale venues often call for more formal attire.


Accessories Matter: Whether it's a statement tie, elegant jewelry, or stylish shoes, accessories can elevate any outfit, adding personality and charm.


Comfort is Key: While dressing to impress is important, comfort shouldn't be overlooked. Make sure you feel confident and at ease in your chosen attire.