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Chic Simplicity: A Bride's Guide to Courthouse Wedding Attire

There’s something inherently romantic about a courthouse wedding—it’s a super intimate, no-frills moment where you and your partner commit your lives to one another. Courthouse weddings are gaining popularity for their simplicity and intimate charm, giving couples a stress-free alternative to traditional weddings. While the setting might be more casual (ahem…there’s green carpet in the NYC courthouse), the significance of the occasion remains unchanged. But just because it’s low key doesn’t mean it can’t be chic.


In this guide, we'll explore ideas and tips to help brides navigate the world of city hall wedding dresses.


Short and Sweet

One of the first considerations for a courthouse wedding dress is length. Traditional floor-length gowns may feel out of place in the casual setting. Opt for a shorter dress, such as a knee-length or tea-length gown. Shorter dresses are not only practical but also exude a youthful and carefree vibe. Our Liliana Tulle dress is a fun and flirty choice to help liven up the occasion.

liliana tulle tiered mini dress


Veil or Headpiece

While a cathedral-length veil might be too grand for a courthouse wedding, a shorter veil or a delicate headpiece can add a touch of bridal charm. Consider a birdcage veil for a vintage-inspired look or a floral headpiece for a bohemian feel. These accessories can enhance your overall appearance without overshadowing the simplicity of the day. A short veil looks gorgeous with our Emily Bubble Dress, a voluminous style that is balanced out perfectly with a tiny veil accent. 

emily bubble mini dress


Shine in Satin

Choosing a satin gown for your civil wedding dress is a sophisticated and elegant choice. The luxurious sheen and smooth texture exude a refined charm, making it an ideal fabric for the bride. Whether it's a classic floor-length gown or a shorter, more casual style, satin dresses drape beautifully and capture the light and allow the bride to shine. Try our Mia dress for a glamorous yet courthouse appropriate look.

mia convertible dress


Unconventional Hues

While white or ivory remains a classic choice, courthouse weddings provide an opportunity for brides to experiment with unconventional hues. Soft pastels, muted blues, blush pinks, or even subtle floral prints can create a unique and memorable look. Our Laurie Empire Dress in Blue Le Fleur offers the perfect balance of color and tradition. 

laurie empire dress


Bridal Separates and Jumpsuits

Modern brides are increasingly drawn to non-traditional options like bridal separates and jumpsuits. A chic blouse paired with a flowing skirt or wide-leg pants can be an elegant and contemporary choice. Jumpsuits, with their clean lines and modern appeal, are both stylish and comfortable. Our Gigi Convertible Jumpsuit in Dove Gray is perfect for your special day.

gigi convertible jumpsuit


Lace and Delicate Fabrics

Courthouse weddings don’t have to be devoid of glamour! Consider incorporating lace or other delicate fabrics into your dress for a touch of romance. A lace bodice or sleeves can add a timeless and feminine touch without being overly formal. Our Summer Embroidered Dress is finished with lace applique for an intricate, stylish look. 

summer embroidered dress


Accessories with Meaning

Personalize your look with carefully chosen accessories that hold sentimental value. A vintage heirloom, a piece of jewelry passed down through generations, or a meaningful trinket can add a special touch to your day, especially if your family isn’t in attendance. Don’t have anything to fit the bill? Add a simple piece of jewelry like our best-selling Mercer Pearl Drop Earrings.

mercer pearl drop earrings


Comfortable Footwear

Not taking an uber to the courthouse? Our heels are so comfortable you could go ahead and walk. Or take things a step further and pair your look with a chic ballet flat. With courthouse weddings, you can be experimental with your style. The choice is yours. 

mary high chunky heel