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Mind Your Manners: 6 Wedding Faux Pas to Avoid

As the excitement for wedding season builds, being an exemplary wedding guest is not just about donning your best dress and hitting the dance floor. There's a delicate art to wedding guest etiquette that goes beyond catching bouquets and sipping champagne. Let's dive into the world of weddings and some simple manners you don’t want to overlook. In short, here’s what not to do at a wedding. 


Ignoring the RSVP Deadline

The couple has meticulously planned every detail, and your response is part of that plan. Ignoring the RSVP deadline can throw off the entire guest count and seating arrangement. In other words, not sending an RSVP can create a logistical nightmare.  RSVPs are not just a formality; they are a crucial tool for planning seating arrangements, catering, and other essential details. To ensure a stress-free wedding day, make sure you confirm your attendance by the deadline. 


On the topic of timing, arriving late to a wedding ceremony or reception is not just inconvenient, it can be downright disrespectful. Punctuality is a sign of respect for the couple and their efforts to have a seamless day. Guests who arrive after the ceremony has begun not only disrupt the flow but also draw attention away from the bride and groom.


Wearing White (or Anything Too Flashy)

We get it, you want to look fabulous. However, wearing white is a major no-no unless the dress code explicitly says so. The bride deserves to shine in her white gown, and you wouldn't want to accidentally steal the spotlight. Also, avoid anything too flashy or attention-grabbing that might divert attention away from the main stars of the day (you can have your moment tomorrow).


Getting Too Social Media-Happy

While capturing memories is part of the fun, going overboard with social media can be a wedding faux pas. Respect the couple's wishes regarding photos and hashtags. Wait until after the ceremony to post pictures, and avoid sharing any potentially unflattering shots. Remember, it's their moment to share, not yours.

Bringing Uninvited Plus-Ones

The couple put careful thought into their guest list. Bringing an uninvited plus-one can create awkward situations and strain the budget. If your invitation doesn't explicitly say "and guest," assume it's just for you. If you're unsure, a polite check with the couple or the RSVP card can save everyone from a majorly uncomfortable moment. 


Skipping the Gift or Card

While gifts aren't mandatory, it's a thoughtful gesture to bring or send one. Even a heartfelt card can mean a lot to the couple. If you can't attend, sending a little something to express your well wishes is a nice touch. Remember, it's not about the value, it's the sentiment that counts.


Too Many Cocktails

While weddings often include a toast or two, overindulging in alcohol can turn a joyous reception into a cringe-worthy memory. Have fun but be mindful of your alcohol consumption, especially during the ceremony and early stages of the reception. Stumbling down the aisle or making a scene on the dance floor is a surefire way to steal the spotlight from the couple.