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Nailing the Big Day: 5 Details Brides Shouldn't Forget

The big day is approaching and amongst all the wedding prep, it's easy to get bogged down with the major decisions. But in all the fun of picking the dress and choosing the venue, some important smaller details can be missed. That's where we come in. We’re here to remind you about those little details you might overlook on your big day. From comfy shoes to making a simple schedule, these minute details make sure the bride not only looks amazing, but also has a smooth and happy wedding–from walking down the aisle to the last dance. Let's dive into the heart of wedding planning, and the details that turn a wedding from great to unforgettable. 


1. Comfortable (But Still Gorgeous) Shoes

Brides often spend hours finding the perfect pair of heels for that walk down the aisle. And while we’re a sucker for good shoes, comfort should not be sacrificed. You'll be on your feet for most of the day, so make sure your shoes are not only stunning but also comfortable enough to dance the night away. Our shoes are crafted with memory foam so you can look great and not think twice. 

natalie chunky heel


2. Touch-Up Essentials

The day will be filled with laughter, happy tears (or ugly crying), and, of course, lots of photographs. Don't forget to pack a small emergency kit with essentials like lipstick, tissues, and a small mirror. These touch-up items can be a lifesaver to make sure you look flawless throughout the day. And mints! Lots and lots of mints. You could also include an extra set of earrings or a bracelet in your kit just in case you want to add some last minute sparkle to your look!

lille petit crystal drop earrings


3. Warning: Feed the Bride

With all the excitement, it's easy to forget about staying hydrated and well-fed. Arrange to have water and some light snacks available while you're getting ready. Or if you’re getting ready in the bridal suite, have bagels or sandwiches or you and your bridal squad (trust us, your bridesmaids will appreciate it). Keeping yourself nourished and hydrated ensures you have the energy to fully enjoy every moment of your big day.


4. A Timeline Checklist

Planning the day can be chaotic and timelines can easily be overlooked. Create a simple checklist or timeline for the day in advance, including when to get dressed, take photos, and walk down the aisle. This way, you can relax and enjoy the celebration, knowing everything is unfolding as planned.

You should also keep in mind that the getting ready process can be long. Get a pair of extra comfy slippers to spend the morning, and most likely the afternoon in.

criss cross fuzzy slippers


5. Connection with Vendors

Not to sound like your therapist, but communication is key. Establish a connection with your vendors before the big day to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding timelines, expectations, and any specific details you've envisioned. A smooth collaboration with caterers and florists will help ease any last-minute stress and ensure everything runs seamlessly.