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11 Bridesmaid Dress Colors That Are Perfect for Your Fall Wedding

When September hits and it’s officially Pumpkin Spice Latte season, it’s time to transition those cool summer colors into warm fall shades. We looove fall weddings—you can take bridesmaids dresses in so many different directions for the season! From muted and earthy to toasty or bold, here are our favorite fall shades for those September through November weddings:

Emerald Green

Rich and radiant, emerald green bridesmaids dresses are truly royal. This deep jewel tone looks incredible on all skin tones, and is sure to bring a touch of opulence to any wedding. We love the Christina Convertible Dress in Emerald, especially in the cap sleeve style—something about that chiffon covered shoulder feels really regal. Pair your emerald green bridesmaid dresses with our Charm Choker for some sparkle, to truly embrace your royalty.


Our cabernet dresses are definitely like a fine wine—deep, bold, and sophisticated. Looking for a perfect pairing for fall? Bouquets of deep oranges, golds, and creams will bring autumn vibes to this luxurious burgundy color. Our Kiko Dress is a stunning halter option with its Grecian neckline and soft ruching, or opt for the Shamin Crepe Dress, whose simple silhouette allows for so many accessorizing options.


Terracotta bridesmaids dresses were *made* for fall. The soft orange tone is synonymous with the season, and is easily complemented with neutral florals, or a bushy, feathery bouquet for the boho girls! We love burnt orange, terracotta dresses as an option for October and November weddings. It gives us a healthy dose of fall feels while still keeping it neutral. P.S. These dresses can easily be styled or re-worn for spring and summer occasions—mix them up with peachy and pink florals or a straw bag for a more tropical twist.

Rosewood and Spice

Warm and cozy like mulled apple cider, our Rosewood and Spice colors have us embracing the fall season. The soft rusty and cinnamon tones have us salivating for all the seasonal flavors (bonus points if your wedding will have an apple cider donut display). While Rosewood is more of a deep muted rose, Spice shows off in a mixture of deep orange and nutmeg tones that makes it hard to decide between the two. In that case, we say mix and match the two colors for a swoonworthy fall lineup.


You’ll be a total Golden Girl in our marigold bridesmaids dresses. The flattering gold tone is a match for the crunchy golden leaves of fall, and this shade manages to be brilliant and warm at the same time. How about a complete fall palette? Mix and match your girls in marigold and terracotta for the ultimate fall wedding lineup. 

Slate Blue

The dusty Slate Blue shade is a dreamy pick for fall. It gets us in the mood for winter, but keeps things fresh for fall with lush green bouquets. If you’re looking to add another layer of depth, mix in navy accents, or add dimension to your bridal party by alternating Slate Blue and Navy or Twilight bridesmaids dresses. 


Our Dark Mauve dresses are so romantic for fall. The soft rosy shade has purple undertones that really pop with burgundy and eggplant colored florals, or bouquets of eucalyptus. The Ash Crepe Dress in Dark Mauve really shows off this color in a sleek way, while the Elyse Dress brings a modern, sexy attitude in the neutral deep blush shade.

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose dresses are the feminine fall look that we need. Their almost-nude blushing tone flatters all skin tones and with our generous selection of dark and light rose dresses, you’re sure to find a style that calls your name. If you want to add a little texture, select a mix of both mesh and tulle in Dusty Rose!

Sea Glass Green

We are here for Sea Glass green. This muted ocean green color gives us all the outdoor wedding feels! It looks great paired with terracotta florals or warm purple tones. It’s a crowd-pleasing color that won’t lose its charm, and plays well with our Mary High Chunky Heel in Nude Blush.

Navy Blue

Navy is so fall-chic. The majestic tone brings the pre-holiday inspo, especially when coupled with abundant white florals. We’re especially obsessed with the elegant navy color in our Spence Convertible Dress, Kiko Dress Curve, and Grace Convertible Dress.


Neutrals are the perfect chameleon to incorporate into your fall wedding. Lush bouquets can run the gamut—from rusts and golds to deep pinks and purples, you can take our neutral dresses in whatever direction your heart and wedding theme desires! We can never get enough of our variety of our abundant Taupe chiffon and crepe styles, but how about a little satin? Our Lisa Satin Midi Dress comes in Gold, Rose Gold, and even Terracotta for those looking to add a fun spin to their neutral palette.