YouTuber Caroline Mae's Unboxing Video!

Bride-to-be Caroline Mae recently shared the sweetest unboxing video after receiving her package from us, and we’re in love with her reaction! She discusses her past experiences with bridesmaid costs-- “I've been a bridesmaid a couple times, and it is hella expensive. . .it adds up" Girl, you said it. That's exactly why we make it our mission to carry affordable bridesmaid dresses that are actually cute!
Take a look at her full unboxing video here...

"I've seen both sides of it now being a bride and a bridesmaid, and $99 is amazing"... We totally agree! Caroline's bridesmaid vision is a stunning cool toned bridesmaid palette, with a mix and match of Dusty Blue, Dove Gray, Sage, and Silver. We can't wait to see photos of her bridesmaids on the big day!