Why Sage is the New Neutral Bridesmaid Look

Traditionally, a neutral bridesmaid palette has consisted of light gray, pink, or champagne. But Sage has quickly become the it-girl in the bridesmaid world. From olive branches to eucalyptus leaves, this succulent shade is a nod to the lush greenery that today’s brides are opting for more than ever. Keep reading to learn why the sage bridesmaid dress is the new leading lady in neutral wedding trends...

It can be paired with any and all florals

This greenery inspired shade offers endless floral possibilities. Whether it’s your favorite exotic flower or simple greens, a sage green bridesmaid dress serves as the perfect backdrop for any bouquet. 

It complements any wedding vibe

Sage wedding colors not only offer flexibility with florals, but also with decor! Because Sage has a serene and calming effect, it gives a sage wedding that elegantly understated feel. This complements any vibe of decor-- whether it’s romantic Tuscan elements, or modern geometric metals.

It’s picture perfect for outdoors 

Nowadays, it’s almost expected that some portion of a wedding will take place in an outdoor area. Sage bridesmaid gowns perfectly complement any outdoor setting. Can’t you just picture a long sage bridesmaid dress flowing by the ocean, or a lush garden sage green wedding?

It mixes seamlessly with Taupe or light grays

The beauty of a light green bridesmaid dress is that it perfectly complements more traditionally neutral shades. Taupe, Silver, and Dove Gray are ideal pairings for a more dynamic neutral palette. 

It’s simply the most timeless shade of green

While other shades of green bridesmaid dress might make you cringe years from now (sorry neon green), Sage will only make you smile and reminisce when looking through photos. A pale pastel shade is always classic, and Sage bridesmaids dresses are no exception.