Why Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses Are Here To Stay

Mauve and dusty purple bridesmaid dresses have always been a staple for weddings, and they aren’t going anywhere. They are the perfect neutral and can be styled into any wedding, whether its a boho, romantic, or modern theme. We’ve rounded out our top reasons why mauve dresses are the best pick for your upcoming wedding! 
They Look Great When Mixing & Matching 
What’s great about mauve, is that there are so many variations of the shade which you can use for a mix and match mauve wedding. We offer three different shades: Sandy Mauve, Dark Mauve, and our traditional Mauve. All of these mauve shades are perfect to mix together as it adds texture, dimension, an even an ombre effect to a bridal party. 
Go one step further, and mix your mauve dresses with different complementary shades like Pale Blush, Rose Quartz, Silver, & even Cabernet
Can Pair With Different Suit Colors
When matching your bridesmaids to a shade(s), it is also important to have them styled well with the groomsmen. A mauve dress will basically go with any groomsmen tuxedo or suit whether it’s black, navy, or a lighter blue. Check out our new groomsmen accessories to match your mauve bridesmaid dresses. 
Have Fun With Bouquets
You can’t really go wrong with any type of bouquet that you are thinking of having your bridesmaids carry during a mauve wedding. Hot pink, red, white, and even orange! A mauve dress truly is the best compliment to any bouquet of flowers. 
Perfect for any Season
Whether you’re having a romantic spring wedding or a cozy winter celebration, a mauve bridesmaid dress is truly the ultimate choice. Our Mauve mesh dresses are the perfect pick if you are looking for something light and airy for the hotter months while picking a Dark Mauve chiffon shade works great for when the wedding weather is cooler.