What Should the House Party Wear?

For anyone who hasn’t heard of this typically Southern wedding tradition, a house party is an extension of your main bridesmaids that have more of a “special attendant” type of role. They help ensure the wedding day runs smoothly, performing tasks like greeting guests, passing out programs, assisting the bride, or manning the guest book. This is a great option if you have a lot of sisters or friends, to ensure everyone special has a place in your wedding day! The main difference is that your house party does not stand at the altar with your bridesmaids, but rest assured you whole #bridesquad can take part in photos. 

So what should the house party wear-- to best coordinate with the bridesmaids, while still being set apart? Here’s our advice… 

Pear Tree Photography

Left: Spence in Taupe, Right: Grace in Taupe

Option 1: The house party and bridesmaids wear the same color, just in a different style.

If your vision is for all of your girls to blend seamlessly together, have the house party wear the same color as your bridesmaids, but in a different dress style. They don’t necessarily need to be in the same fabric, so feel free to mix and match as well. 

A.J. Dunlap Photography

Left: Christina in Sandy Mauve, Right: Jan in Mauve

Option 2: The house party wears a slightly different shade from your bridesmaids, but within the same color family.

Likely the most common choice by brides, this is best if you want the house party to stand out slightly and subtly, while still looking complementary to the main bridesmaids. You can pair Sage bridesmaids with Dove Gray, Pale Blush bridesmaids with Rose Quartz, or Mauve bridesmaids with Taupe.

Hailey Ayson

Left: Spence in Dusty Blue, Right: Jules in Rose Quartz

Option 3: The house party and bridesmaids wear completely different colors!

This is best if you want to make it more clear that each set of girls are being honored in a different way. Be sure to have your house party select colors that are within your wedding color scheme and won't clash with the bridesmaids, but are unique to the house party.