Best Colors to Mix and Match with Sage

Sage has become one of our top requested bridesmaid dress colors, because its stunningly versatile, neutral qualities lend itself to a variety of color schemes and wedding vibes. This makes it the perfect shade to mix and match, with so many different colors! We're always up for some good wedding color palette inspo, to help future brides and babes get the bridesmaid dress inspiration flowing... So without further ado, here are our favorite colors to pair with sage bridesmaid dresses!

Dusty Blue

Magnolia Studios

Babes, trust us when we say that Sage and Dusty Blue bridesmaids are the next big thing... This whimsical pairing looks gorgeous anytime, anywhere, on anyone! The neutral light green balances out the pop of color from the blue, to create a chic palette best paired with colorful florals.

Dove Gray

AJ Dunlap

We like to call this  neutral light gray bridesmaid dress shade a “chameleon” color that compliments any color palette. When next to Sage, Dove Gray takes on a slight green undertone. This is perfect for brides looking to do a subtle mix and match look, to create dimension without drastically different colors.


Pair Sage with Taupe for a rustic look that is totally on trend. The combination of lighter cool and warm tones makes for a visually interesting palette. This has a very organic, minimalist bridesmaid vibe, so it best compliments clean white florals and lush greenery.


A darker shade of gray adds a bit more contrast to the bridesmaid dress lineup, while still keeping a cool toned look. Together, Silver and Sage create an oh-so refreshing feel that is just the right balance of neutral and whimsical. This palette is ideal for weddings by the water!


Transition from summer to fall with a mix of gorgeous green tones. Fresh crisp Sage contrasts rich moody Emerald, to make a slightly boho, yet so sophisticated look! These shades truly do work in any setting, as a seamless compliment to the lush foliage most weddings favor. 

Warm pink shades

Photography by Raisa

Create a cheerful, colorful pastel palette by combining Mauve, Rose Quartz, or Pale Blush with Sage. This color combination isn’t unconventional for spring or summer weddings, but it’s a super timeless, romantic look for a reason. lt’s ideal in an outdoor setting, when paired with lots of florals!