Unique Braid Ideas for Wedding Day Hair

When it comes to bridesmaid hairstyles, we’re all about romantic waves and boho braids (sorry, tight hairspray-ed updos a lá 90’s prom)... Think easy, relaxed, yet polished looks. If you’re looking for ethereal wedding hair ideas that are anything but run of the mill or overdone, read on for unique braid hairspo we know you and your babes will love…

Dutch braid bun

This festival inspired look is flirty, fun, and totally Insta-worthy.

Waterfall braid

This whimsical look leaves hair loosely draping along the braid. It’s a great way to make long flowing locks look super polished.

Fishtail braid

This thinner style of braid is delicately boho, for a more minimalist look.

Crown braid

A look fit for a queen, a crown braid is regal and perfectly chic for a dressier vibe.

Delicate flower adorned braids

Add dainty florals to any type of braid, to compliment an organic, ethereal wedding style.

Ultra-boho accent braids

Whether it’s twisted into your bun or left straight down, add some extra flair to any hairstyle with tiny braid strands.

Side french braid

Weave a classic french braid across the head to jazz up a simple pony or messy bun.

Half-up braid

This look allows you to show off your long flowing locks, while keeping pesky front strands at bay… Fashion and function, babe!

A long, luscious braid

Take this everyday style to the next level, by intertwining multiple braids or fanning out each piece.

Images via Pinterest