Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist

When you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, it’s typically many months out from the big day-- so it might seem like you’ve got plenty of time before you need to start checking off your duties. But, we all know it’s much better to have a jump start on bridesmaid responsibilities when there’s more than enough time to spare. Here is our ultimate bridesmaid checklist that everyone in the bride squad should follow. Don’t forget to...

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Order your bridesmaid gown - we recommend 3-4 months in advance of the wedding

Plan the bach party - where to for your girls getaway? Tulum, Vegas, Napa... 

Book wedding day travel - don’t leave hotel rooms or plane tickets for the last minute

Choose your bridesmaid shoes - keep it simple and chic, in a gold or nude tone

Practice hair and makeup - whether you’re getting styled or DIY, be sure to have inspo in mind

Choose a rehearsal dinner outfit - when in doubt, a chic LBD is always classic

Buy a wedding gift - just because you’re in the wedding party doesn’t mean you’re exempt from this one

Be there for the bride - it’s all hands on deck babes, so don’t let all planning duties fall on the MOH

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Day of Wedding

Get a mani - fresh, neat nails are key! (this can be done the day before as well)

Bring your pin-pack - safety pins, double sided tape, and bobby pins in case of fashion emergency 

Wear nude undergarments - black panties + a light pink dress = embarrassing photos

Pack tissues - have a few ready in your pocket (almost every one of our gowns has them!) for those sweet wedding vows 

Follow the wedding timeline - help the rest of the girls stay on track for the days events 

Assist the bride - be on lipstick watch, hold her dress in the bathroom, feed her snacks, etc.

Strut down the aisle - walk slowly and confidently, and you’ll nail this one

Toast the bride and groom - bonus points if you’ll be making a speech

Change into flats or flip flops - in case you want to toss off those heels before busting a move

Dance the night away - the bridal party sets the tone for the guests, so get on the dance floor and they will too! 

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