Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

We get SO many inquiries about the difference between our burgundy shades, how they look together, and what other colors to mix and match them with. For those who don’t know, we carry 3 different shades of burgundy bridesmaid dresses in pretty wine hues: Pinot NoirCabernet, and Merlot. Each is a bit unique, so here’s the scoop on our burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

Pinot Noir


Our Pinot Noir bridesmaid dresses are made of a perfectly light and airy Chiffon fabric. Pinot Noir is our most red shade of burgundy, giving off a brighter vibe that looks amaze any time of the year. The Jane (left), Grace (right), Gwennie, Jules, and Esther dresses all come in Pinot Noir.



Our Cabernet bridesmaid dresses are rich and moody, ideal for fall weddings. We carry Cabernet in our Tulle and Mesh fabrics (just an FYI, there’s slight color variation between the two). The Kiko (left), Elsye (right), Ryan, Simone, Chicky, Monica, Christina, and Mary dresses come in Cabernet.


And last but not least, Merlot! This bridesmaid dress shade is exclusive to our Kaelyn dress (which BTW is the essence of va-va voom), and it falls right in between Cabernet and Pinot Noir in color.

Here’s a lineup of the three burgundy shades side by side... Left to right: Kaelyn in Merlot, Gwennie in Pinot Noir, and Mary in Cabernet. The difference is pretty visible, so if you want your gals looking uniform, choose dresses within the same fabric. If you’re going for more of a mix-and-match look, they look FAB together!

Burgundy & Eggplant

For a moody, fall mix and match, pair burgundy shades with Eggplant. The richness of these jewel toned gowns make them a perfectly inspired combo. Left to right: Ryan in Cabernet, Kiko in Eggplant, Monica in Cabernet, and Christina in Eggplant.

Burgundy & Pink

For a more feminine and romantic look, pair burgundy shades with Dusty Peach or Dusty Rose. This sweet combo is perfect for any time of the year. Look to muted pink tones to contrast the rich burgundy, as opposed to a brighter blush. Left to right: Esther in Pinot Noir, Kaelyn in Dusty Peach, Christina in Cabernet, and Simone in Dusty Rose.

We hope these burgundy bridesmaid dress tips have been helpful!