Personalize Your Wedding With These Unique Touches

We know that when planning a wedding, the amount of details to consider are endless. This is why many modern day couples are opting to simplify the conventional wedding commotion-- by leaving behind old traditions, and making a wedding day to fit your own love story and personalities. And even if you do go a more traditional route, there are plenty of little details you can implement to personalize your wedding day. Here are our favorite unique ways to add personal touches in your wedding, to create a customized day that is all your own!

1. Custom illustrated invitations

Left: Olive & Millicent, Right: Grace and Ardor Co.

Left: Brides, Right: Etsy

Whether it’s a portrait of the couple, a cameo of your venue, or a map of the wedding events, a custom illustration is sweet and special… There’s quite literally nothing quite like it on the market, so this is perfect for couples looking for something unique to you!

2. Neon signs

Left: Wedding Forward, Right: Echo Neon

Left: Ro & Co Events, Right: Grace Loves Lace

Show off your new last name or a catchy phrase you love, for a fun and Insta-worthy decor moment. This is quickly becoming one of the top wedding decor trends, for it’s fun and modern feel. And when the wedding is over, you can keep it hung in your home for long to come. 

3. Handwritten note on shoes

Wedding Chicks

Truly walk every step of your wedding day journey with your new hubs or wifey, with a sweet handwritten note. This is not one that your guests will see, which makes it ten times as romantic! Just a personal note between you lovebirds as you enter life together...

4. Signature cocktails

This wedding trend is fairly common, but in no way overdone! A signature cocktail is a fun way to stay connected to your guests during cocktail hour, which is typically while you’re off taking photos. Let your guests partake in a drink that plays a part in your relationship, or just your go-to favorite. 
5. Or… Create your own bottle labels

Left: Williams Sonoma, Right: Unmeasured Events

Not into the hard stuff? Create a unique label for your beer or wine bottles, so guests can toast the happy couple with each sip. These can be easily applied to any bottle of your choice, or (if you’re super fancy) partner with a winery to have custom bottles etched.

6. Personalized dress hangers

Left: Katie Grace Photography, Right: Etsy

When taking getting-ready photos, a hanging pic of your bridesmaid dresses is a must! So what better way to frame your carefully chosen gowns (like the Kiko shown above) than with a pretty hanger? It’s something extra special for those last moments with your ladies, which they can also take home.

7. Aisle signage

Left: Beau Coup, Right: Bride and Breakfast

Walk down an aisle lined with romantic words of encouragement...  An excerpt from a favorite book or poem perhaps, or a traditional “love is patient, love is kind” is so sweet. This will set the mood for guests as they take their seats, and be a sentimental escort for the bride walking towards the I do’s…