How To Mix & Match Your Blush Bridesmaid Dress

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses has become the popular choice for bridal parties now more than ever. Whether the bride decides to stick with the same color but have her maids pick different styles or mixing multiple colors within the bridal party, there are really no rules to what you decide to go with! Today, we are spotlighting blush bridesmaid dresses and our top ways to mixing and matching them for your blush pink bridesmaids. 

Mixing Fabrics
We offer three different fabric at Birdy Grey which are Tulle, Chiffon, and Mesh. A popular choice for brides is to mix different fabrics but keeping the same shade for the party. Using different blush pink bridesmaid dresses for a wedding adds texture, an element of surprise, and even an ombre effect since the blush pink shade will slightly differ based on the fabric that is chosen. 

Creating a Mix & Match Color Palette
One trend that we adore is when a bride decides to use more than one color for her bridal party. It gives the maids more options to choose from as well as an unexpected element for all of the wedding guests to see. What’s great about Birdy Grey, is that we currently carry two different pink bridesmaid gowns for our ladies to choose from: Blush Pink and Pale Blush. Our blush pink bridesmaid dresses are more of a vibrant shade of a pink bridesmaid gown while our Pale Blush shade is more of a neutral, lighter shade. You can easily pair these two shades together, as they will compliment each other beautifully for a blush pink wedding. 

If you want to play more with color for a bridal party, why not add one or two complementing shades to a blush wedding? We have had brides go from other pink wedding colors similar to our Roses collection or something more unexpected like Mauve, Silver, and Dusty Blue

Try a Convertible Dress
Along with offering affordable blush pink bridesmaid dresses, we also provide blush convertible dresses. These dresses come in Tulle(Christina), Mesh(Chicky), and Chiffon(Grace) and can be chosen based on preference. What’s great about these convertible dresses is that you can stick with the same shade and silhouette, but have your maids convert the straps to a different style. Some of our popular styles to create are the one shoulder, grecian, and halter. 

A long pink bridesmaid dress is the perfect addition to a blush wedding and any way that it is styled will make any bridal party look beautiful!