How To Create A Grecian Neckline

There's something about a Grecian neckline that makes our hearts skip a beat. Case in point: our best-selling Kiko Bridesmaid Dress, featuring a softly ruched high halter neckline. You can create a similar Grecian neckline with any of our strapless convertible bridesmaid dresses, designed with 2 extra long front streamers for optimal convertibility.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial, featuring our Chicky Convertible Dress in Pale Blush.

STEP 1: Pull the front 2 streamers up to your neck and tie to create a high halter neckline. 

STEP 2: Once the knot feels comfortable at the neck, drape the loose streamers over each shoulder.

STEP 3: Criss cross streamers in back

STEP 4: Thread steamers through the belt loops at the waist and pull them back. Secure with a knot or bow, your choice!

 And voila--a Grecian halter neckline!