How to Choose your Floral Bouquets Based on Your Bridesmaid Dresses

We love a good bouquet and sometimes trying to figure out how to pair them with your bridesmaid dresses can be hard! Do you want something more matchy matchy or something totally out of the blue? We've decided to give you some of our tips on choosing your floral bouquets to pair perfectly for your bridal party. 
Pick Complementary Colors
Go with colors that don’t take away from the colors of the bridesmaid dresses, but compliment them. If your bridal party is dressed in softer pastel shades, go with the same vibe similar to this real wedding in our Rose colored dresses that carried bouquets made with dusty pink and purple florals. If you are going with a darker mood, like this festive Cabernet party, go for shades within that color family along with darker greenery to really pop. 
Jess Palatucci, Ram Floral / Kamio Lavarria
Take the Venue of Your Wedding into Consideration
The location of your wedding is an important aspect when picking out florals for your bouquets. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, we would add palm leaves, anthuriums, and other tropical options while if you are having your wedding in a forest or more nature like setting, opt for lots of greenery and other natural foliage. 
Pick a Statement Color 
If you are not afraid of trying new things, picking a color that is the total opposite of your bridesmaid dresses is a great option! Check out Emerald and Jeff's wedding featuring our Maria dress in Dusty Blue paired with dark red bouquets. Also, these Sage bridal parties held onto brightly colored bouquets featuring peaches, oranges, and strawberry reds. We would recommend keeping your venue and other decor in mind when determining how you would like to mix and match your florals to your bridesmaid dresses. If you keep everything consistent, like matching the groomsmen accessories and/or ceremony decor to your bouquets, your bridesmaid dress colors that are actually the opposite of that will look perfectly put together. 
Stick with Neutrals
If you are unsure on what color(s) to go for your wedding florals, going for neutral colors always works and makes for a timeless bouquet. Whites, taupes, and greenery are the best options and look beautiful when put all together. These also look amazing with any of our bridesmaid dress colors!