Fur Babies At The Wedding

If you’ve got a four-legged friend at home, you know the huge role they play in your life. From cuddles on the couch, to outdoor adventures (or pretty much every daily life activity here in LA), they stand by your side through it all. Why shouldn’t you include man’s (or woman’s) best friend in your special day? Well no matter how perfectly poised your pooch is, there are still some things to consider when finding the best role for your dog on the big day. Here’s our ideas on the best ways to incorporate your pup in the wedding!

But first, a few helpful tips... 

1. Check that the venue is dog approved! Make sure there isn’t any restrictions or poisonous plants on the grounds. 2. Choose a designated puppy sitter. You’ve got other things to focus on-- like getting hitched! 3. No matter how excited you are about BYO fur baby, remember that a new environment with 100 strangers can be quite overwhelming for a shy dog. If you know your dog gets scared easily, leave it at home. Otherwise, it could lash out towards guests or young kids-- not a great wedding day memory. But if your dog is friendly and playful, it will probably bask in all the extra attention.

Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

If you know your fur baby can handle being in the spotlight, put them to work in the cutest way by having them walk down the aisle. This is really the most impactful way to include your dog, because they will have a real purpose and role in the flow of the wedding. Adorn your sweet girl in all the florals!


Well behaved boy pups can carry the rings secured to a traditional ring pillow or necktie. (don't these little cuties look dapper?)

Hound of Honor

If for whatever reason your pups can’t attend, there’s still plenty of places in the wedding where you can give them subtle shoutouts. Create a signature cocktail inspired by them, or incorporate them into some witty signage. How adorable are these custom illustrations?

Doggie Bags

Why have “wedding favors” when you can salute your fur baby with a “doggie bag”?! We love these cute designs, complete with personalized wedding dates and names. If you think your guests might be a bit disappointed to not get a treat for themselves, why not have both?

Engagement Photos

If you already know your pup is shy and won’t be comfortable enough to walk down an aisle with a hundred strangers surrounding them, but still want them to be present for some element of the wedding, incorporate them into the engagement shoot! It's much more private and less intimidating. These are the type of photos you’re gonna want to look back on in 20 years, am I right?


We at Birdy Grey can’t get enough of our four-legged friends, and if you’ve made it this far, you’re just as #obsessed as we are. In fact, we've got a Pinterest board dedicated to them! Tag us @birdygrey in your wedding day puppy pics, we wanna see ‘em. Hope these canine inclusive tips have been helpful!

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