Food & Dessert Wedding Favor Ideas

The perfect gift to give is always a Sugarfina cube! The candy shop offers wedding and bridal party themed selections as well as custom options like, a gourmet candy bar and bento boxes.
Mini Macaroons 
Macaroons are not only super cute but they are delicious! Having these packed up for your guests to enjoy at home is a great sweet treat. 

Who doesn’t love a late night treat in the form of donuts? This bride had Krispy Kreme donuts in the shapes of X’s and O’s ready for her guests after the party was over. Yum!

Fortune Cookies
Add a unique touch by gifting guests their own fortune inside of a chocolate dipped fortune cookie. 
Sweet or salty? Why not both! Offer various flavors of popcorn at your wedding or even a DIY bar for your guests to pick their preference. 
Midnight Snacks
A midnight snack after a night of dancing and celebrations is such a fun idea for a wedding favor and can keep the party going. Go with classics like fries, pretzels, and sodas!