Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

When scrolling through Instagram during the past couple weeks, you've probably seen at least a couple posts about friends (or friends of friends of friends) getting engaged. Welcome to the thick of engagement season, which runs from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. Guess there's something about the holidays that makes people ponder what (or who) they want most in life... So in the spirit of engagement season, here's some of our favorite engagement ring trends 2020 brides are swooning over.

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Colored Stones

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Colored engagement rings are all the rage, thanks to celebrity influences like Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, Heidi Klum, and Eva Longoria. Brightly hued stones like emerald, morganite, and sunstone, just to name a few, make a unique statement for the modern bride who loves to stand out. 

Stacking Rings

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Pairing minimalist engagement rings with delicate stackable rings makes for a fun way to switch up your look over the years. Celebrate motherhood, your first home, and other major life events by adding a new piece of bling to your stack... A stylish and special way to mark your milestones!

Lab Grown Diamonds

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It’s no secret that the diamond mining industry throughout the world has a shadier side. More millennials are considering the larger effects of their diamond engagement ring purchase, by choosing a responsible, sustainable lab grown diamond. 

Moissanite Rings

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Another sustainable alternative is a different clear stone, such as moissanite. Millennials are thinking more long term by selecting an affordable ring for now, with the intention to upgrade years down the line when finances are more secure. A moissanite stone has a very similar crystal clear sparkle of a diamond, but for a fraction of the cost. 

Unique Settings

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The days of cookie cutter engagement rings are gone, as modern brides reach towards unique, on trend settings for their bling. From signet rings to intricate art deco styles, your modern 2020 engagement ring should always reflect your style.