Say Hello to Emerald, the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Shade

Glamorous jewel tone meets woodland greenery in the form of an emerald green wedding. If you’re searching for a classic bridesmaid look that really pops among luscious foliage, this deep green hue might just be what you’re dreaming of. Keep reading to see why an emerald bridesmaid dress is both on-trend bride and Mother Nature approved...

Photo by Sherri Poirier Photography

It elevates outdoor weddings

The best way to take your al fresco wedding to the next level is with a chic dark green bridesmaid dress. The richness of emerald wedding colors will keep it classy, snazzy, and anything but casual.

It works with all types of florals

What’s great about an emerald wedding palette is the freedom to use any type of flora you like...  Whether it’s pink peonies, white roses, or just greenery, your dark green gowns will serve as a natural backdrop to any bouquet.

Photo by Anne Canon Photography

It can be mixed with other greens 

For weddings in spring or summer, pair an emerald green bridesmaid dress with light green gowns and you’ve got a stunning ombre effect. The varied shades will add more dimension to the lineup, for a very organic and natural look. 

Photo by Sherri Poirier Photography

It’s just so classically elegant

The chic minimalism of a long emerald bridesmaid dress is timeless, just like your love… It’s reminiscent of art deco glam that still dazzles today. Trust us, these are the types of photos you’ll want to look back on years from now.