DIY Rollerball Perfume Recipes For You & Your Bridesmaids

Having DIY activities at a bridal shower is one of our fave things to add to a celebration (just check out our post here). And we love new ideas on bridesmaid gifts. So we decided to put two and two together for the ultimate DIY activity that doubles as a bridesmaid gift. We’ve teamed up with FragranceX to give you a super easy tutorial on creating your very own rollerball perfumes for you and your bridesmaids! We’ve also included the cutest printables for the finishing touch to your rollerball (check the bottom of this post). 
What You’ll Need:
Essential oils of your choice (generally 12-25 drops)
A carrier oil of your choice (e.g. coconut oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil)
Droppers (optional)
First, you’ll mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the bottle and top it off with the carrier oil to help dilute the concentration. Then, it’s as simple as snapping on the ball, shaking the ingredients, and sprucing it up with a cute label and bow.
Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice
Need a scent that is sweet but has a hint of spice? This blend is perfect for you or your bridesmaid! 
6 drops eucalyptus
3 drops lemongrass
3 drops clove
Pumpkin Spice Blend
Nothing screams fall like pumpkin spice! We’ve got the ultimate blend for this season that will remind you of lattes by the fire and cozy sweaters even when the seasons change. 
4 drops cinnamon
4 drops ginger
4 drops nutmeg
3 drops clove bud
1 drop cardamom
Nourish the Skin Blend
Lavender is one of our fave scents and one of the reasons is because of its soothing and relaxing tendencies. Oh, did we mention, it also smells amazing! 
3 drops frankincense
3 drops lavender
2 drops sandalwood
2 drops helichrysum
2 drops myrrh
Beautiful Bouquet Blend
This is a great choice for the day of the wedding, as it smells like fresh flowers. Ideal for the bride and her party! 
4 drops rose
4 drops neroli
4 drops sandalwood
1 drop jasmine
Fruit Cocktail Blend
Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can’t keep it alive with this scent! Fruity and refreshing, just like your fave summer cocktail. 
3 drops mandarin
3 drops neroli
2 drops sweet orange
2 drops atlas cedar wood
Original article and photos from  FragranceX