DIY: Floral Wreaths

Hey, Birdy! The photos you’ve seen on our site and socials may feature our bridesmaids gowns upfront, but don’t go missing the party in the back. Most of the shoots done here at Birdy Grey are done DIY style with most of the props and decorative backdrops put together by us ourselves. We like doing things quick and simple, yet still eye-catching and these DIY golden floral wreaths had us springing to make some more.


Macramé (wooden or metal) hoops


Floral wire

Wire cutters




  1. Begin by aligning your florals on top of the macramé hoop in an arrangement of your choice.
  2. Once you have decided on how you’d like it placed, secure the stems into place by wrapping floral wire around both the hoop and stem.
  3. After 4-6 wraps around the two, use the wire cutters to snip the wire and tuck any sharp ends.
  4. Now that your floral wreath is done, it’s ready to be displayed. To give it something a little more, we used ribbon tied into a bow for hanging, but feel free to use a hook or nail as a substitution.

So simple, you see? There are plenty of variations to make your floral wreath unique to you: using various sized macramé hoops, changing up the floral arrangements, or how you decoratively display it. So, how are you making this DIY floral wreath your own?