DIY: Floral Ice Cubes

We love a great looking dessert table, a pretty pink drink (learn how to make frosé here), and anything else that screams Birdy Grey! So when the trend of floral ice cubes starting to take over, we were all in. The easiest DIY ever, grab your bridal party to make these cute cubes for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or summer bash!
What You'll Need:
Edible flowers (try these)
Ice tray
Step 1:
To make sure that your ice cubes are not cloudy but clear, boil water and then cool it to a room temperature level before filling your ice tray a quarter of the way. 
Step 2:
After filling your ice tray halfway, place flowers face down. Use a toothpick for easier placement. 
Step 3: 
Add more water, filling the tray halfway and freeze. 
Step 4:
After frozen, place more water filling the tray all the way and freeze again. Freezing in layers will ensure that the flowers stay in the middle of the ice cube. 
Cover Image from Bloglovin'